WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wolverine #13 by Benjamin Percy, Scot Eaton, Oren Junior, Matthew Wilson & VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

The modern era of Krakoa has seen many of the foundational relationships between the X-Men and their other allies across the Marvel Universe be tested in unexpected ways. The Avengers and Fantastic Four are increasingly wary of the way the mutant nation of Krakoa is conducting itself, and the recent terraforming and claiming of Mars by the mutants has only risked more anger. But there's one hero with a deep history connected to the X-Men who sees the Hellfire Gala as the chance to clear the air and recement their alliance -- Deadpool.

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Deadpool has nominally been connected to the X-Men for years. Given his healing factor in an attempt to replicate Wolverine's own impressive regenerative capabilities, Deadpool has developed something of a love/hate relationship with the mutant heroes. While he's previously served as a member of X-Force and has forged deep bonds with some mutants (such as Cable, Rogue, Siryn, Domino, and Scout), he's also always been a notable wildcard. While he has been granted guest privileges to the mutant nation given his history, Deadpool responded in annoyance at the caveats to his acceptance and openly rejected Krakoa. But when the Hellfire Gala was announced, Deadpool couldn't help himself and endeavored to sneak in -- resulting in him coming to blows with X-Force, who are providing security for the event.

So far, Domino and Wolverine have been both committed to stopping him, directly confronting the Merc with a Mouth over his attempts to break in and "rejoin" X-Force. However, the team's attention is drawn towards the ambassadors of Terra Verde -- who'd been converted into plant-like forms thanks to the interference of Beast. Domino holds her own against two such figures when Deadpool reenters the fray wielding a rocket launcher. But the battle ends when the Terra Verde argue they just want to find unity with Krakoa -- as does Deadpool. This allows tensions to cool and for Krakoa to quietly make amends with the nation, keeping the incident from reaching the eyes of the rest of the world.

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As Wolverine and one of the Terra Verde ambassadors celebrate their union over a drink, Domino brings in Deadpool to share a drink -- with Wolverine even ultimately enjoying a couple with the pair as well. It's a positive step for Deadpool and Krakoa. Given their history and his chaotic personality, it makes sense for Krakoa to be wary of Deadpool and his destructive potential. But he's also been a steadfast ally in the past and clearly wants to formally be a part of X-Force once again -- potentially setting him up as a secret weapon for the team to use down the line. While this likely doesn't change much in the short term, it could go a long way towards helping the X-Men reacquire prospective allies from around the world, including Deadpool.

Given the general distrustful atmosphere of the Hellfire Gala, at least one other person in the Marvel Universe still seems happy to be connected to the X-Men, and could continue to be a major figure going forward. It's notable too that it's Dominio, who has a wealth of experience with Wade Wilson, who finally breaks the ice and brings him into the event. It's at least encouraging to know that in an age when the X-Men have been enraging allies and threatening their friendships with other heroes, they've also managed to settle some bad blood from across the world, and even gain some deadly backup to call upon in times of crisis.

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