X-Force: The Deadliest Members from Marvel’s X-Men Spinoff, Ranked

The X-Men have spawned a number of different teams and offshoots over the years, including the British-based Excalibur, the dimension-hopping Exiles, and even the short-lived X-Terminators. But the biggest spin-off of the X-Men family is without a doubt the militaristic strike team known as X-Force. The team has gone through quite a few different iterations over the years and seen a number of X-Men move through the ranks, while also introducing new and increasingly dangerous mutants. The recent debut of the fifth volume of X-Force reunited a few of the original members to hunt the young mutant known as Kid Cable. Kid Cable was introduced in the pages of X-Men: The Exterminated, where he seemingly ended his future self Nathan Summers, who was also the original founder of X-Force.

X-Force #1 hit comic stands in 1991 and featured Cable alongside his handpicked army of young mutants made up from the remains of the New Mutants, Hellions, Fallen Angels and X-Terminators. Cable took these youngsters, who had grown disillusioned by their dealings with the X-Men, and forged them into a mutant strike force with their own agenda that often separated them from the path the rest of the X-Men followed. Years later, the team would again evolve to become Cyclops' secret strike force, armed with warriors and mercenaries to help prevent further threats to mutantkind. In both of these situations, the roster of X-Force was filled with some of the deadliest mutants the X-Men had ever seen, though they were (mostly) on the same side as Xavier's mutant heroes. Today we'll take a look at the rosters of X-Force to rank the deadliest members of the X-Men's most popular spinoff team.


While Pete had originally appeared in the pages of Excalibur and joined that team soon after, he was the leader of X-Force for a brief time during the "Counter-X" era which rebooted a number of struggling X-titles with new creative teams and directions. X-Force brought on superstar creators Warren Ellis and Whilce Portacio, who brought on super spy Pete Wisdom (created by Ellis) to transform a few core members of the team into a covert ops squad that dealt with genetic manipulation.

Wisdom's mutant powers of hot energy knives he could fling from his fingers and enhanced jumping ability (seriously) may not seem that deadly, but years of training and experience with Black Air and British Intelligence makes him a deadly, albeit brief, addition to the team.


Julio Richter wasn't a part of the original line-up of X-Force, BUT he was soon added to the roster alongside his other Fallen Angels teammates. Rictor's vibrational powers were initially limited to concussive bursts and shakes, he was eventually able to refine his abilities for maximum destructive effect which he used with X-Force, the mutant conglomerate known as X-Corp, and X-Factor Investigations.

Following the "Decimation" of mutantkind at the hands of Scarlet Witch in the House of M event, Rictor was left depowered alongside the majority of the mutant population, but his powers were later restored, and he uses them in deadly fashion alongside the newest iteration of the New Mutants.


Fans were briefly introduced to the cinematic Bedlam (Terry Crews) in Deadpool 2, however, the comic version of Bedlam is quite a bit different and much deadlier than Fox's short-lived member of X-Force. Jesse Aaronson first appeared during the Age of Apocalypse storyline, though he soon appeared in the mainstream universe and joined X-Force during their time in San Francisco.

Bedlam's powers initially consisted of a bio-EM field that allowed him to disrupt and manipulate electrical systems, fields, and impulses within a certain radius around him. Bedlam was a part of the small covert ops team assembled by Pete Wisdom, which increased his abilities to affect human electrical impulses as well, increasing his deadliness exponentially.


Roberto "Bobby" da Costa was an original member of the New Mutants, the official second class of Professor Charles Xavier. The New Mutants were assembled after the graduation of the X-Men and were trained from a young age to join the elite squad of mutants. Bobby became known as Sunspot, as his power allowed him to absorb solar energy to become super strong, and eventually fly and shoot blasts of solar energy as well.

Eventually, the frequently estranged Sunspot would eventually rejoin the New Mutants after they had become X-Force, and would go through a number of power increases over the years, even becoming the dangerous villain known as Reignfire (sorta). And if his mutant power wasn't deadly enough, Bobby is also crazy rich.


Maria Castellanos was another founding member of the original X-Force, though she was first introduced as a member of the Morlocks, a community of mutants who hide underground. Feral's cat-like mutation denied her the chance to live peacefully among humans on the surface, though she accepted the offer to work alongside Cable and X-Force after he rescued her from the misguided Morlock known as Masque.

Unfortunately, years of childhood trauma left Feral unable to work alongside her team members, and her murderous side was soon revealed. Feral's feline mutation went heavy on the claws and teeth and bestial instincts, and she even managed to hold her own against fellow feral feline Sabretooth... until he caused her demise.


Shatterstar was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza for the new X-Force title and proved himself to be a vicious warrior in his first appearance. While there was a lot of mystery surrounding Shatterstar's origins, it was eventually revealed that he was a genetically engineered warrior from the future, a resident of Mojoworld that existed in the Mojoverse.

Shatterstar was a dimension-hopping time traveling dual sword wielding badass with a ponytail and a full-on 90s' aesthetic that didn't detract from his skills as a swordsman. While his origin was further complicated over the years (Shatterstar is literally his own grandfather), his ability to channel energy through his swords (which also allows him to teleport) makes him one deadly mutant.


There's no surprise that the daughter of Cable would prove to be one of the team's deadliest members. The so-called "mutant messiah" was raised in the future on the run by Cable following X-Men: Messiah Complex, and returned to the modern day in her late teens with years of experience and training. She also has a unique familiarity with future tech that allows her to MacGyver her way out of most situations.

And if she can't cobble her way out of danger, her mutant powers add a further edge. Hope is able to access, replicate, and amplify the powers of other mutants in her vicinity, and is one of the few mutants who has possessed the Pheonix Force to remain uncorrupted by its power.


Josh Foley was part of a new generation of mutants who were being trained at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning in the first of many large classes of mutants the school would see. As Elixir, Foley was able to heal with a touch of his golden skin, making him an invaluable member of the school. Unfortunately, he soon learned that his power had a darker side which caused his skin to turn black and made his touch lethal.

Elixir became a crucial part of Cyclops's secret black ops X-Force team, though his dark self soon overtook him as his powers continued to evolve, making him seemingly immortal and able to lethally wound and resurrect at will. While he regained control of his powers, his power over life and demise makes him incredibly dangerous.


Rahne Sinclair was one of the original members of the New Mutants, though she didn't join up with X-Force right away. Wolfsbane is a mutant lycanthrope, and able to turn into a wolf or a wolf-like humanoid transitional form that can be very dangerous. Rahne learns how dangerous after she joins Cyclops' X-Force team and is mentally coerced into attacking Archangel, where she savagely rips off his wings.

Rahne had always fought her feral side when she transformed but following the mental manipulations (which were preceded by an abusive upbringing) her trust in herself was lost and her ability to control the wolf inside her weakened. Her continuing battle with the wolf inside makes her a deadly teammate to have around.


Tabitha Smith was always kind of considered the "Jubilee" of X-Force and doesn't immediately seem too deadly. With that being said, "Boom Boom" isn't just a clever name, as Tabitha is able to create time bombs of energy that cause major damage. Tabitha has gone through a number of phases over the years, with her time as Meltdown showcasing just how powerful her abilities were when she pushed them.

She even once made the Blob eat one of her time bombs in order to get information from him, so she has no problems pushing the limit to get what she needs. Tabitha has been on s many teams as Wolverine over the years, which is no surprise considering her deadly power level.


James Proudstar is the younger brother of the first X-Man who perished in battle, Thunderbird. James inherited his brother's mutant genes, which gave them enhanced physical abilities in nearly every capacity. Proudstar adopted the name Warpath and joined the ill-fated team known as the Hellions before finding his way to Cable and X-Force.

Super strength, super speed, enhanced senses, and even flight make Warpath one of the most powerful members of X-Force, though his Apache beliefs often come into conflict with his more extreme actions as a member of the various iterations of X-Force.


Teresa Rourke is the daughter of X-Men Sean Cassidy AKA Banshee, and she shares a variation of her father's sonic scream. Rourke adopted the name Siryn and joined up with the earliest version of X-Force, eventually becoming one of the leaders of the team. Her scream is not only a dangerous weapon, but allows her to fly, and even enhances her auditory senses to detect different sound frequencies.

Teresa is also able to modulate her scream to influence and control others, a power her father never developed. Siryn's powers were increased exponentially when she became the Morrigan, a Celtic goddess Teresa was forced to destroy and replace, becoming far deadlier and potentially immortal.


Domino is another member of X-Force who found cinematic success in the recent release of Deadpool 2, though her character has always been heavily tied to X-Force over the years. She has featured in almost every iteration of the team and served as the leader on her own and alongside Cable.

Domino is a highly trained assassin who also has a unique mutant ability that allows her to alter probabilities in her favor. Domino's "good luck" power pretty much guarantees things will turn out her way in the end, though even without she is a formidable foe in multiple ways. You really don't want to be Domino's next hit...


Much like a few other characters on this list, Jean-Phillipe is the product of the Weapon Plus program and represents years of genetic research in order to create a super-Sentinel hybrid. Fantomex was created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey as an homage to the main character from the Italian classic film Danger: Diabolik, and shares the same super thief skills as that title character.

Along with his suave yet aloof personality comes a plethora of genetically enhanced gifts, like his ability to skew reality to create illusions and the external techno-organic nervous system spaceship E.V.A. that aids him in his various heists. Fantomex has experienced a few power increases and heel turns since his creation which only adds to his potential deadliness.


Betsy Braddock may have begun her life as a privileged British royal, but upon realizing she was a mutant everything changed. She joined the X-Men as their resident telepath though soon fell victim to the villain known as Spiral, who transplanted her mind into the Japanese ninja assassin Kwannon's body. Her new skill set, coupled with her telepathic powers, made her a formidable foe, yet her continuing evolution was not done there.

She also gained telekinetic abilities, shadow teleportation abilities, died and was reborn, and even transformed into a Horseman of Death by a new Apocalypse. She's led her own version of X-Force and featured in other iterations, continually proving she is one of the deadliest mutants around.


Unsurprisingly, the founder of X-Force is also one of the team's deadliest members. Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani'Son Summers AKA Cable has a long and confusing name history, as he was raised on a battlefield 2,000 years in the future, fighting the seemingly never-ending war against Apocalypse and his armies.

The young Dayspring (as he became known in the future) was an incredibly powerful mutant whose psionic abilities were off the charts, though he was forced to use most of his power to keep the techno-organic virus ravaging his body in check. Even with that power-reducing impediment, Cable still commands respect on the battlefield through his tactical expertise, mastery of weapons and hand to hand fighting, and the potential for time-travel.


Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool first appeared right before the creation of X-Force, and while he proved to be a thorn in their side for years, he never officially joined the team until Wolverine put together his Uncanny X-Force following Cyclops' dissolution of the previous iteration. The merc-with-a-mouth is not only a highly skilled assassin, hand-to-hand combatant, marksman, and swordsman, but he also has the best healing factor in the business.

Think Wolverine, but amplified a hundred times, which makes Deadpool pretty much impossible to destroy. His head was even alive in the future when Cyclops' X-Force team traveled to the future to find Cable and Hope. Deadpool is OP and will win 90% of his fights, even if he loses 90% of his body.

3 X-23

Laura Kinney has come a long way since her brief stint with Cyclops' X-Force, where she was perfectly suited to bring damage and mayhem to the enemies of mutantkind. No one would expect any less from the daughter of Wolverine, who was previously believed to be a female clone of Wolverine who was raised as an assassin.

X-23 shares the healing factor and adamantium claws of her father, though she has an extra set of claws that pop out of her feet. Laura also shares her father's berserker rage, though hers is intensified and weaponized through the use of a trigger scent that makes her into a lethal machine. More so than she already was, that is.


Warren Worthington III was one of the original five X-Men, though his time with X-Force is not a shining light in his career as a superhero. Following his transformation at the hands of Apocalypse, Angel's feathery wings were replaced with razor-sharp techno-organic wings and he became the Horsemen known as Death.

Eventually, he rejoined the X-Men and took the name Archangel, though when he joined Cyclops' X-Force it set into motion a series of events that led to Warren becoming the Dark Angel, a vicious personality that ascended to become the next Apocalypse until he was stopped by Wolverine's Uncanny X-Force team.


Let's face it. Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice. Not only does Logan possess an incredibly powerful healing factor, but his entire skeleton is covered him in unbreakable adamantium, making him pretty much impossible to destroy. That same metal coats the claws that pop out of his knuckles, which combined with his enhanced senses and berserker rage make him the ultimate weapon.

He led Cyclops' covert X-Force team (and later the Uncanny X-Force) through many bloody missions and continues to be one of the most dangerous mutants across the Marvel multiverse. 'Nuff Said.

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