X-Force Brings a Major X-Men Threat Back to the Marvel U

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for X-Force #2 by Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Jesus Aburtov and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

Marvel relaunched the X-Men spinoff X-Force following the event series Extermination, which concluded with the original, time-displaced X-Men going back to their proper place in the timestream. Extermination also introduced some major status quo changes to the X-Men, with Cable being killed by a younger version of himself and the return of the future mutant hunter, Ahab.

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The destruction of Ahab's ship left him stranded in the present day, which he isn't too pleased with. He also has former X-Man Rachel Grey under his control once again as a hound. When a villain is brought back the way Ahab was, it usually plays out one of two ways: the villain isn't heard from again for months, or they are used right away. X-Force #2 reveals Ahab falls in the latter category.

The Hunter Has Become The Wounded Prey

No one knows where Ahab went once Extermination concluded. The reunited X-Force set out to hunt down Kid Cable for killer their former leader, taking them to Transia. Kid Cable and Deathlok infiltrated the country after its soldiers started using weaponry from Kid Cable's future. Transia was once a safe haven for mutants, but Constantin's assassination of the President put him in charge, allowing him to round mutants up for execution.

Kid Cable's presence in Transia caught the eye of X-Force, but the mutant heroes aren't the only one interested in the country. Ahab also noticed Transia's futuristic weapons and sensed the country had access to time travel, meaning he could use it to get back home. Unfortunately for him, the damages he sustained in Extermination left him weakened and allowed the new President Constantin to capture him.

Instead of killing Ahab, President Constantin has put him to work finding a cure for mutations. Now, you may be wondering why someone anti-mutants would even care about a cure. The reason is President Constantin's son, Gheorghe, is a mutant won manifested his powers at the age of 13. Constantin foolishly clings to the belief Gheorghe was infected, when the reality is mutation doesn't work that way in the Marvel Universe. Mutants get the X-gene from their parents, which is something Constantin can't bring himself to believe.

For now, President Constantin is rounding up mutants for Ahab to experiment with in order to find a cure for Gheorghe. What will be interesting to see is whether Ahab is successful, and what happens once X-Force discovers him a prisoner in Transia. Ahab mentioned Constantin took his hounds from him, so does that mean Rachel Grey is there as well? Would X-Force try and free Ahab in hopes of finding Rachel, or will the villain slip away in whatever chaos is caused in the final battle?

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With the majority of the X-Men missing and presumed dead following the weekly Uncanny X-Men "Disassembled" storyline, X-Force is the only team left standing to stop the type of threats Ahab and other anti-mutant bigots represent. Ahab is potentially one of the most dangerous loose ends for X-Force to clean up.

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