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X-Force #24

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
X-Force #24

Darkness is somewhat brighter than this story was, but that doesn’t mean this was bad. As the stakes have been raised in that “Blackest Night” story from the other publisher, they’re also raised here, with resurrected mutants fighting the battle against X-Force. This penultimate issue is the penultimate chapter in the story of Selene and Necrosha. The rise of the Black Queen and her techno-organic-empowered army has been well-documented through this series, but this issue is approachable all by itself, thanks to the recap page. In a time when the X-Universe can only be navigated by a map and compass, this story requires only passing knowledge of the history of the X-Men, and some interest in those characters.
There are no sacred cows here (save Wolverine — duh) and the story plays out that way. It’s not a tale where one should expect the unexpected, but it is a story where bad things happen. Gasp-worthy bad things.
Kyle and Yost pit the Proudstar brothers against one another, allowing for a glimmer of hope to shine through this story. James’ interaction with his long-deceased but reanimated older brother is touching, but brutal. This isn’t going to end well for one of them, and the Proudstar name hasn’t always scored well in survival games.
This story isn’t just about the Proudstars though, as we learn a great deal about Selene, her rise to power, and the distance she still hopes to travel in that power grab. Only Wolverine and his band of murderous X-rejects can stand a chance to stop her, but first they have to whittle their way through Selene’s undead army which oozes across the pages thanks to Clayton Crain. Crain’s work on “Ghost Rider” was dark, but here, that darkness is deeper, and the end result more gripping.
All in all, this story is well paced, but reads quickly, demanding a re-read for those wonderful X-Easter eggs that you just know are in here. The Easter eggs aren’t the only driving force of this story, as Kyle and Yost manage to drop more than a few teases and threads for new plots into this story that seemingly spells out the apocalypse (again!) of the mutant way.