Fox Announces X-Files Season 11 Premiere Date


The next installment of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully's ongoing saga, The X-Files, will debut Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 8 PM on Fox -- though it may not be called "Season 11" after all.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the network has begun referring to the ssi-fi hit's next go-round as the "second chapter of The X-Files event series," eschewing the conventional seasonal numbering. This would indicate that there would be more to come, as the logical conclusion would see the network referring to the upcoming episodes as the "final chapter" should it not have solid plans for more in the future.

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While plot details remain sparse, the most recent teaser did seem to include some pretty major hints at a return to the show’s cornerstone government conspiracies involving little gray men. In the footage, we saw Agents Scully and Mulder on the hunt for the truth once again, some familiar untrustworthy faces, and a brief glimpse at a hulking, clawed creature looming over Gillian Anderson.

2016’s Season 10 -- or, we suppose, the "first chapter of The X-Files event series" -- took a more episodic format, focusing on standalone stories as opposed to the overarching narrative that became The X-Files‘ bread and butter, but it looks like the next chapter will fill fans in on some long unanswered questions.

The 10-episode season of The X-Files will reunite creator Chris Carter with stars David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi, plus William B. Davis, Annabeth Gish, Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell in 2018.

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