How the New Defenders Freed Up Iceman, Angel and Beast for X-Factor

In Defenders #152 (by Gillis, Perlin and inker Dell Barras), Moondragon was possessed by an evil entity known as "The Dragon"...

She used her powers to hold a knife to Candy's throat!

In the end, a mysterious being known as the Interloper used his powers to merge his life force with the other members of the Defenders to defeat Moondragon, even though they died in the process...

The mutant heroes were too far away to merge their life forces, as well, and they had to save Candy!

In the end, it seemed the good part of Moondragon spoke to some of the people whose lives were saved by the Defenders' sacrifice...

So now Angel, Beast and Iceman had no team anymore since all of their teammates were now dead! That's certainly a good reason not to try a new version of the Defenders, right? All of their teammates died!

Released the SAME MONTH as New Defenders #152, X-Factor #1 (by Bob Layton, Jackson Guice and Joe Rubinstein) opens with the three heroes hanging out with each other and so they were perfectly poised to form a new team when Jean Grey turned out to be alive!

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