X-Babies vs. Star Comics coming in October ... wait, what?

One of the announcements made at HeroesCon this weekend is that Marvel Comics is bringing the X-Babies back in a four-issue limited series by Gregg Schigiel and Skullboy creator Jacob Chabot.

The X-Babies, a set of X-Men clones created by the villain Mojo when the X-Men were believed to be dead, have appeared in various X-Men-related comic books since the late 1980s.

What's even more interesting is that the mini-series will also bring back some of the characters that Marvel published under the Star Comics banner back in the 1980s.

Star Comics was a kid's line Marvel did circa 1984-88 that featured both original creations, like Top Dog and Peter Porker, Spectacular Spider-Ham and licensed comics like Fraggle Rock, ThunderCats and Heathcliff. Chabot talked to Marvel.com about the return of some of those original creations, like Top Dog, Wally the Wizard, Royal Roy and Planet Terry:

"It was Gregg's brilliant idea to include the old Star Comics characters in the story, both to act as adversaries and hopefully update them for a modern audience," says Chabot. "I was thrilled at this concept! I pretty much got into comics through Marvel's old Star line, so this really goes back to my roots. I am doing some redesigns, but I'm trying to keep them recognizable by incorporating as many details from the original designs as I can. So, for example, if you're one of the few who remembers Top Dog from back in the day, you'll be able to know it's him when he shows up. Hint: he's the dog."

Check out some of the redesigns at Marvel.com.

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