Vin Diesel Reunites With DJ Caruso For xXx 4

xXx Return of Xander Cage

After rebooting the action-packed spy series in 2017, Vin Diesel has confirmed he'll return to his role as Xander Cage for xXx 4.

Diesel launched the franchise in 2002 with xXx, but sat out for its 2005 sequel xXx: State of the Union. With last year's Return of Xander Cage, however, he hit the reset button. Now, as Diesel looks to an ongoing series of action films, there is also a major change behind the scenes.

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Rumors of a fourth entry came not long after Return, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Diesel's return also involves his production company One Race Films becoming a co-owner of the franchise. Diesel will again serve as a producer, and reunite with returning director D.J. Caruso.

One Race is working in conjunction with The H Collective to secure the rights from previous owner Revolution Studios. Interestingly, this isn't the only big franchise controlled by Diesel, who previously acquired Pitch Black/Riddick from Universal Pictures as part of a deal to bring him back to the Fast and Furious franchise. Revolution will retain the rights to the first three movies, but any further installments will belong to One Race and The H Collective. With The H Collective only founded last year, xXx promises to be one of its flagship titles.

After his work on Disturbia and I Am Number Four, Caruso tackled Cage's biggest adventure yet, taking the reins from xXx directors Rob Cohen and Lee Tamahori. There is no news yet about who else will star in xXx 4, but there is potential for the likes of Ice Cube, Samuel L. Jackson and Neymar Jr. to reprise their roles.

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Although all three xXx movies received average-to-poor critical ratings, they helped to cement Diesel as a major action star, and have always fared well at the box office. For example, Return of Xander Cage's $346 million from a $86 million budget made it one of 2017's big action movies. Also, with leading talent like Willem Defoe, Toni Collette and Jackson having all graced xXx movies, there has never been a shortage of A-list talent.

Production on xXx 4 is due to start in December, with Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum and Samantha Vincent also be on hand as producers. Prepare for more daring stunts and high-adrenaline sequences when Diesel returns as the extreme sports enthusiast and unwilling spy of the National Security Agency.

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