X-23 Is Sideshow Collectibles' Next Premier Format Figure

Earlier today, Tom Taylor, writer of Marvel's recently concluded All-New Wolverine series, promised some "really exciting" news for Laura Kinney fans. That news has since been revealed as Sideshow Collectibles' next Premier Format Figure, bringing X-23 to life.

Though the first photo of the figure is shrouded in shadow, it's unmistakably X-23, from her dual-clawed hands to her clawed feet. For an idea of what the final figure will look like, not to mention what you can expect to pay for it, you can check out Sideshow's previous figures in the line which are all available at the not-exactly-pocket-change price range of $570 to $750.

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Created in 2004 for the X-Men: Evolution animated series, Laura is a clone of Wolverine created by the Weapon X program. Like Logan, she possesses rapid healing and Adamantium claws, only two claws on her hands and one in each foot. She eventually migrated over to the comics and became one of Logan's many surrogate daughters, and sometimes fought him or his allies.

Following Logan's death in 2014, Laura adopted the Wolverine mantle in the All-New Wolverine series written by Taylor and drawn by a variety of artists. Over the course of her three-year book, Laura came to discover that she had a younger sister named Gabby who was a clone of herself. As of this week, Laura's Wolverine book has ended and she's adopted her old mantle of X-23 yet again, working alongside Gabby (nicknamed Honey Badger) to make sure no one suffered the experimentation that they did.

Those who wish to RSVP to pre-order Sideshow's first ever X-23 premiere format figure can do so here.

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