X-23 Has Become a High School Gym Teacher... No, Seriously

The following contains spoilers for X-23 #6 by Mariko Tamaki, Georges Duarte, Chris O'Halloran, and Corey Petit.

Laura Kinney, aka X-23, has been following in the footsteps of Wolverine for years now, in ways that go beyond their shared government origins. Not only did she take on her father's mantle, she also temporarily became an Avenger while hunting for her dead dad's body, and is currently an X-Man alongside Jean Grey, Storm and Nightcrawler.

Still, there was one aspect that was always missing -- until now. Laura has officially become a high school teacher. But where her father ran an entire school for mutants for a short period and proved to be pretty good at it, Laura is teaching human teenagers.

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This month's X-23 #6 is an appropriately goofy one-shot story titled "Operation: Kindergarten Clone." Laura and Gabby are assigned a mission by Beast to infiltrate a high school that's been getting genetic research equipment, which to them means someone is trying their hands at cloning. Since Laura isn't exactly high school age (and she probably didn't want to go goth), she instead gets a job as gym coach Coach Claudia, yelling at kids and immediately making them run laps, all in the name of "deep cover." But, hey, at least she gets to have a Casual Wolverine look.

"Kindergarten Clone," as such a title would imply, is primarily a Gabby story, and all the more fun for it. She's naturally made up an elaborate identity (Roberta Boford), a Pisces that loves '90s trivia and hates people who wear one color. This is her first time really in an environment with kids her own age who aren't trying to kill her or being experimented on alongside her. Instead of charming her way through things as has been the case with her fellow mutants, the first time she meets a classmate, she gets made fun of for her facial scars.

Being an X-Man, Gabby can't just make friends with her rude classmate or have a counselor step in. No, she instead has to fight said classmate, who's built a giant robot during the science fair and wants to sell her genetic material. It's no problem, though, because Laura and Gabby are a team -- and have basketballs and giant globs of gum -- that bring down said robot and its villainous controller easily. To quote Gabby: Yes! High school!

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There's not a lot of meat in this month's X-23, but that's not really a bad thing. The two sisters have been through a lot the last few months, between this book and X-Men Red, so a little levity is pretty much exactly what they needed. If every few issues, the two just moonlighted in different high schools, similar to 21 Jump Street, it wouldn't be unappreciated. After all, Gabby does need to have a Degrassi phase.

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