Wyld Stallions Rule BOOM! Studios' New Teaser

BOOM! Studios has released a new image teasing their latest upcoming license -- and it's time to be excellent to each other. Sporting only the name "Wyld Stallyns," the name of Bill and Ted's band, the teaser indicates the duo are headed for a modern comic series!

The original "Bill & Ted" films centered around Bill Preston (Alex Winter) and Ted Logan (Keanu Reeves), a pair of San Dimas high school metalheads that travel through time. In 1989, "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" saw the two meet historical figures and experience historical events in preparation for a history report, a report they needed to pass in order to launch Wyld Stallions to the top of the music world, therefor spreading the message 'Be excellent to each other' and ushering the planet into a utopian era.

A sequel, "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" saw the two escape from the afterlife after being killed by their robot doubles. Recently, the film's writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon -- along with Reeves -- have stated that a third film focusing on the duo as 40-somethings is in development.

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" has found life in comics before -- most notably in the early '90s courtesy of Marvel Comics, written and drawn by Evan Dorkin. The series ran for 12 issues, and continued the story from the end of "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey."

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