WWLA: "The Incredible Hulk" Retrospective with Lou Ferrigno

In an interactive media panel at Wizard World Los Angeles this Saturday, actor and bodybuilding champion Lou Ferrigno talked about his time in Hollywood and his future plans.

Ferrigno discussed clips from his landmark television series "The Incredible Hulk," in which he played the titular alter ego of scientist-on-the-lam Bruce Banner, played by Bill Bixby.

Ferrigno had to endure up to three and a half hours getting into make-up for the character, and often the green cover-up had to be reapplied during shooting. This proved especially difficult during more intense special effects scenes.

"When we shot this scene," said Ferrigno, referring to when the Hulk flipped a car off a cliff, "I somehow got second-degree burns on my chest [from when the car exploded]. I was in the hospital later that day and [the director] walked up to me and asked me to do one more take! …I said, 'are you kidding me?'" The total shooting for that scene ended up being more than sixteen hours.

When asked about co-star Bixby, Ferrigno said he was "a mentor" as an actor, but also "a real father figure. Bill really took me under his wing." When asked about what it was like when Bixby directed him, Ferrigno said "it was great. I'd already built up so much trust with him that it just made everything so easy."

"Ed [Norton] reminds me of Bill because they have that same emotional connection with the work," Ferrigno said, referring to Norton's work on 2009's "The Hulk" movie. "[The new movie] is going to be so much better than the last one because it has an emotional connection with the Hulk… It shows off some of his sensitivity."

Ferrigno also let drop that he has a cameo in the new "Hulk" in a scene with Norton. "I really respect Ed Norton's work, and I was actually intimidated by him. Ed's a fan of the show, too, and was intimidated by me… [We both] tried not to intimidate each other for the entire scene."

Ferrigno also touched on his guest starring role on "The King of Queens." The role helped him prove himself as someone with comedic timing. He has another comedic role in an upcoming romantic comedy directed by Jay Roach ("Austin Powers in Goldmember," "Meet the Fockers"), and hopes to land a recurring role on another sitcom soon. "I like the instant feedback of the audience," Ferrigno said.

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