WWLA: Parker Talks "X-Men: First Class" Ongoing

In addition to encountering some familiar mutants, the cast of "First Class" will also meet up with other super powered denizens of the Marvel U; just like in the mini-series, Parker will take his cast across the globe and have them meet some of the MU's best, brightest and strongest. "I like playing up their Silver Age roots," Parker stated. "Two more you'll see early on are the Invisible Girl (when she was Girl!) and a large angry green fellow."

The Invisible Girl will play a role in the first story of the "First Class" ongoing. "It has not gone unnoticed that Jean Grey is the only young woman around the X-Mansion, and doesn't have any peers or role models she can closely identify with," Parker explained. "So, Professor Xavier contacts the Fantastic Four to ask a favor - can Sue do a little mentoring?"

With "First Class," Parker plans on telling a variety of stories. In addition to traditional superhero action stories, readers can expect to see the original X-Men involved in tales of mystery, drama and action-thrillers.

Parker wants fans of the "First Class" mini-series to know that "X-Men: First Class" the ongoing series will put the spotlight on all of the original Fab Five X-Men. "I promise to give the rest of the team quality screen time and not make it so much about Bobby, that's my vow!" Parker said. "Well, except for the All- Bobby issue."

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