WWLA: Loeb & Co Talk "Heroes"

One fan asked Sale about the process of going from script to canvas, and Loeb told the audience, "[Sale] can see the future."

Sale, for his part, frequently gets script pages, but opts not to read them because he'd prefer not to see spoilers. "My artwork is done on paper in black and white," Sale said. "They're colored by Dave Stewart and blown the fuck up."

Kim said Sale's work was consistently "better than what we imagined."

Loeb went on to announce that in the not too distant future, Sale's original paintings from the show would be auctioned off on NBC.com, with proceeds going to actor Greg Grunberg's charity of choice, the Epilepsy Foundation.

The panel said they have big plans for San Diego Comic Con this year. Loeb said this was their way of saying thank you for the people who came out to the Con last year to watch the unedited Kring cut of the "Heroes" pilot before it was aired. News about a print collection of the online "Heroes" comics can also be expected in San Diego.

Coleite said there were no plans for characters to don spandex and fight crime by night. Kring said that if it ever did happen, it would be received like a costumed superhero would be received in the real world.

Of Hiro's father's involvement with Primatech Paper, Fuller revealed, "He cuts down the trees." Kring promised we would be seeing more of the character this season.

Kring said that each season of the show was going to be more or less standalone, so that new viewers could jump on at any time.

One fan asked Jeph Loeb if the "Teen Wolf" scribe could find a way to work a similar character into "Heroes." Loeb was quick to point out that Kring had penned "Teen Wolf 2," which the latter described as his "shining hour."

One fan wondered if with all the power switching, powers would ever be traded amongst heroes as commodities. The term "powers store," was thrown around. And when asked if guest star Stan Lee would return, Foster said he would "run the powers store."

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