WWLA Day Two: Marvel Asks, "Whose Side Are You On?"

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Joe Quesada kicked off the Marvel "Civil War" Panel, on Saturday at Wizard World LA, by introducing his fellow panelists, Mark Guggenheim ("Wolverine"), Associate Editor Nick Lowe, Tom Brevoort, Daniel and Charlie Knauf ("Iron Man"), and the always-irascible Brian Bendis.

For those audience members who didn't know what "Civil War" is, Joe Quesada summed it up:

"Shooting off the events of 'House of M' and 'Decimation,' a horrific incident happens in the Marvel U, which causes the human populace to become very concerned with the fact that not only are there beings that are essentially WMDs but they walk around in masks, unlicensed, and they want an accounting of who these people are like firefighters, policeman, military – all trained, and our heroes are not. The government answers that call and their response is the Superhero Registration Act, where every hero must register their real name and possibly go through training."

The audience was treated to a little slide show with some teases and lots of information. New announcements included:

  • "Fantastic Four" #538 will be the first "Civil War" tie-in of the series, and "causes a lot of strife" for the team and those around them
  • "Thunderbolts" are going to be choosing sides in "Civil War," which may result in the villains-made-good hunting down heroes that used to hunt them.
  • "New Avengers" #21 begins "New Avengers Disassembled," a series of issues that deal with how individual Avengers react to the events of "Civil War." Each issue will be drawn by a different artist. In order, the characters and artists are:
    1. Captain America – Howard Chaykin
    2. Luke Cage – Lenil Yu
    3. Spider Woman – Olivia Copiel
    4. Sentry – Adi Granov
    5. Iron Man – Jimmy Cheung
  • In addition to the already announced titles, we will see two more from Bendis: "Civil War: Lincoln," and "Civil War: Lee."
  • "She Hulk" #8 will find She Hulk split between the sides in "Civil War:" Jennifer Walters feels one way and She Hulk favors another.
  • "X-Factor" #8-9 are both "Civil War," tie-ins and feature the return of Quicksilver, straight from "Son of M."

width="127" height="190" align="right" alt="" border="0">There was also more news on "Civil War: Frontline." This will be a study of "what happens on the sidelines of war using superheroes as archetypes." From two reporters, one for a conservative paper and one for a liberal paper, and is there any common ground? Paul Jenkins writing, and the books will be 32 pages, no ads. Tom Brevoort hints that we will, "See characters we haven't seen in a while, old favorites and hopefully new favorites."

Both Brian K. Vaughan and Allan Heinberg have been working with Zeb Wells for "Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways." We'll see "some punching and kicking and maybe some hugging and kissing as well."

Two new books were announced, spinning out of "Civil War:"

First off, "Punisher War Journal" returns! His MAX series will continue, but this will allow for Punisher stories in the mainstream Marvel Universe, and that he has a "pretty radical role in Civil War." It'll be written by Matt Fraction & Ariel Olivetti. Through it, they'll explore "what life is like in the Civil War and after the Civil War." Fraction spoke to CBR News about the series.

A new Robert Kirkman title was also announced, "The Irredeemable Ant-Man." We'll see an all-new, all-awful Ant-Man, and according to Joe Q., "He's just a loathesome human being, and you'll be rooting for him." CBr spoke to Kirkman and editor Tom Brevoort.

That segued into audience questions.

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Spider Man is in for a rough, rough ride in "Civil War." He's forged relationships with his New Avenger teammates, but "he's also worked the hardest to guard his secret identity," having seen what happens when he didn't. Once he picks a side, he might be thinking "is this the right thing?" It will have a big effect on him, and by the end of Civil War, we'll see "just how big."

Warren Ellis' "Iron Man" #6, which will wrap up his run, is at the printers and will be out this month. Because of the delays, Charlie and Daniel Knauf's first 6 issues will be a pre-"Civil War" arc. When asked if they would be bringing back some of the old supporting cast, Charlie responded, "we're picking up where #6 leads off, working with the new cast Sal and Maya, and as we go on, we may seed in more people, but we're treating Warren's number one as number one." However, the Crimson Dynamo will appear in #7.

The only characters intentionally left out of "Civil War" are Hulk and the "Annihilation" characters, because "Hulk is on planet Hulk; characters in Annihilation because they're in space being annihilated." Brevoort also promised an appearance by Prodigy from the Slingers. "Dead," quipped Quesada.

"Iron Man" issues 13-14 will be "Civil War" tie-ins

It was difficult for writers to decide what sides many characters were on. "There was a fistfight between Bendis and Loeb." Quesada joked. "I smacked the shit out of him!" Bendis yelled. "Yeah, he was slapping Loeb was punching."

There is a sex tape of May Parker and Jarvis. Like Pamela and Tommy Lee, "only wrinkly." I pray this is a joke.

The main question about the delineation between hero and villain in question in "Civil War" becomes "what ideal is the person fighting for?" Rather than "who are they fighting?" If they have power but don't want to be a hero, are they a villain? If they don't want to work for the government, are they a villain?

Working with Howard Chaykin was an amazing, but fearful experience for Bendis. But at the end, Chaykin sent Bendis a note that read, "One of the great moments of my comic career."

There is a possibility of some characters finding asylum in non-American nations during "Civil War."Clearing up some confusion, "Runaways" will continue through "Civil War," while "Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways" will take the place of "Young Avengers" while Allan gets back on track for season two.

Nick Fury's return is nigh, and the reason he went underground probably ties into why everything's so screwed up right now.

In a wince-inducing revelation, a fan asked if Wolverine throws down with Nitro, who is responsible not only for the deaths of the New Warriors and countless innocents, but for giving Captain Marvel cancer back in the day. Mark Guggenheim assured the audience, "payback is coming."

Heroes For Hire is an idea being thrown around for a post- "Civil War" series.

Namor is in the "Illiminati Special," and "a big asshole," according to Bendis.

Marvel Apes is coming.

width="126" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="right">Cover To "The Iredeemable Antman" #1

The Wasp and Hank Pym will be prominent in "Civil War." Hank appears in "New Avengers" #21.

The current "New Avengers" storyline and "The Collective" are the last big adventures before "Civil War."

Currently, we will not see a new Defenders or Champions coming out of "Civil War."

The current Avenger's headquarters will be somebody's headquarters after "Civil War," but "we can't say who, yet."

We may see a Silver Surfer ongoing, depending on how the Annihilation miniseries goes.

There will be divisions within the X-Teams in "Civil War," and the 198 also have to make some serious choices. "X-characters we haven't seen in a while will play a big role."

Joe Q. made a particularly enigmatic comment about the Superhero Registration Act: if it succeeds, then "where it the Sentinel program at the end of the day?"

Iron Man will NOT be a drunk again, but his addictive personality will be coming out in other ways.

Iron Man's new connection to his suit going to be played out a lot more in "Civil War" and "New Avengers."

The final question of the night was, "how are we gonna see teams like Nextwave, Cloak and Dagger and Moon Knight deal with 'Civil War?'"

Regarding projects like Moon Knight, Quesada said, they're books that are just starting, so, we won't really see much. Moon Knight's second arc may deal with "Civil War."

But as for Nextwave, Nick Lowe had this to say:

"Nextwave is going to continue to rule...but it won't tie in."

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