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WWLA Day Two: Darick Robertson is Bringing “The Boys” to Town

by  in Comic News Comment
WWLA Day Two: Darick Robertson is Bringing “The Boys” to Town
Promo Art For “The Boys”

Dead babies, virgins, racial tensions, covert operatives, blood, sex, violence and a different take on the superhero genre are all parts of the Vertigo and Wildstorm universes. Saturday, at Wizard World Los Angeles, DC Comics VP of Sales Bob Wayne, along with a slew of Wildstorm and Vertigo writers, editors and artists, including Jim Lee, discussed the events ahead.

The biggest news was the announcement of a new Wildstorm series written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Darick Robertson, “The Boys.” Starting in October the monthly series will focus on a world where the government monitors the superhero community and sometimes sends in a team to take them down.

“I’m really excited about this project with Garth. … This is a great opportunity because Garth and I are really good friends. I think when you read a book that is a collaboration of friends you get their sense of humor and that kind of stuff comes through,” Robertson said.

Robertson said the 60 issue, 5 year-series will follow a character named Huey who joins the world of “The Boys,” a team of government operatives charged with monitoring and if need be dealing with the superheroes of the world. Robertson and Wildstorm executive editor Dunbier said that while the superheroes in the world may reflect some established characters, they are not the ones you know.

Promo Art For “Tranquility”

“‘The Boys’ on the team, each in their own way has suffered some sort of tragedy at the hands of superheroes,” Robertson said. “(The superheroes) in our world move through the world like celebrities and politicians combined. They don’t really notice who they step-on on the way during the course of their super battles. This is what happens to the people who end up as collateral damage.”

Robertson said the leader of “The Boys” is Billy Butcher, “the meanest, hardest son of a bitch you can ever imagine.” Starting with issue #1, however, readers will see this world through the eyes of Huey.

“Throughout this series you are going to see Huey get initiated into this dark world,” he said. “The CIA needs the boys to be on our side to get information on superheroes and sometimes they need to take down superheroes who get out of line. They don’t necessarily always do this with violence sometimes they do it with blackmail, sometimes they do it by knowing their deep dark secret.”

Robertson said Ennis has said, “The Boys” will “Out ‘Preacher’ ‘Preacher.'”

Promo Art For “Midnighter”

What happens to superheroes when they retire will be the question Gail Simone, and artist Neil Googe, will try to answer in the new monthly series “Tranquility,” DC VP of Sales Bob Wayne said.

“A planned community where superheroes retire in peace without being hounded by their enemies or their fans, but don’t let this flat surface fool you,” Wayne said. “When a series of murders is committed a conspiracy (begins to unravel) that could endanger the lives of everyone who lives there.”

In other Vertigo/Wildstorm news:

Promo Art For “Deathblow”
  • “Deathblow” returns in October in a new series written by Brian
    Azzarello and illustrated by Carlos D’Anda.
  • Jim Lee said the new “WildCats” series coming out in August will feature his new art style, unlike what he is doing in “All-Star Batman and Robin.” Lee said writer Grant Morrison has incorporated aspects of all the other creative teams take on “WildCats” into this new series.
  • “The Midnighter” a new monthly by Garth Ennis with art by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story is schedule to begin in November.
  • “The Authority” by Grant Morrison a bimonthly is scheduled for September.
  • “Jack of Fables,” a new monthly series following Jack from “Fables,” will begin on July. There will be a preview in “Fables” issue #50 of this new series following Jack’s adventures outside of Fable Town.
  • Harvey Pekar’s “American Splendor” mini-series will begin in September.
  • “Deadman” is a Vertigo take on the character will begin in August. The series will not be the same character known to fans of the DCU. It will be written by Bruce Jones.

CBR’s coverage of Wizard World Los Angeles is Sponsored by Comics Unlimited.

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