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WWLA Day One: Cup O’ Joe Revelations

by  in Comic News Comment
WWLA Day One: Cup O’ Joe Revelations
“Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters” #1 & #2

“Before Stephen King, there was another King.”

With these enigmatic words, Joe Quesada began another highly-anticipated Cup O’ Joe Panel. Referring to last year’s announcement that Stephen King would bring his “Dark Tower” series to Marvel as a comic in 2007, Joe was talking about a king at Marvel: Jack Kirby.

For specifics, Joe brought up Jack’s daughter Lisa. She explained that, while going through her late father’s sketches, she stumbled upon some that she didn’t recognize from any of his published work. Thus, “Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters” was born. The first of this six-issue limited series will be out in July, in time for the San Diego Comic Con. Tom Breevort remarked, “it’s good to have a Kirby back at Marvel.” Quesada agreed. The series is a creator-owned property and will be published through Marvel’s Icon imprint.

“Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters features characters and concepts created by the late Jack Kirby, which have been expanded upon by his daughter Lisa Kirby and Mike Thibodeaux. It’s a very personal story for Lisa, metaphorically dealing with her relationship with her father against a cosmic backdrop of fantastic characters and wild vistas. It also features appearances by other Kirby-owned characters such as Captain Victory.

Quesada and Nick Lowe took a moment to announce “Runaways/X-Men” artist Skottie Young is now a Marvel exclusive, after “shilling” a few Marvel titles: “Captain America,” “Daredevil,” “Iron Man,” and the Black Panther/Storm wedding.

The next announcement was another big one: Bungie Studios and Marvel teaming up to bring a graphic novel based on the hit game “Halo” to life. The book features some of the best artists in comics and includes four stories by:

  • Writer Lee Hancock and artist Simon Bisley
  • Writer Jay Faerber and artist Ed Lee (Faerber spoke with CBR News earlier about his contribution to this book)
  • Writer/Artist Tsutomu Nihei
  • Writer Brett Lewis and artist Moebius
(L – R) Tom Brevoot, Nick Lowe and Joe Quesada

Next up, a female fan (wearing a Pikachu hat) stood up with a question: “Is Jeph Loeb doing Spider Man?” Quesada poked a bit of fun at Loeb, at which point the fan in question threatened to fight him. Loeb then joined the panel, saying, “I’ll do it, but only with one artist and you can’t get me that artist.”

That artist was actually sitting next to him in the audience previously. Jeff Scott Campbell joined the panel and Quesada revealed that he was now exclusive to Marvel. The pair will be teamed on a Spider Man book in 2007.

“I can’t say enough nice things about Jeph’s work.” Campbell said, adding that Spider Man was “the single favorite character of mine ever.” Joe then called the Internet, who upon hearing Loeb and Campbell would be doing Spider Man, broke.

Quesada opened the floor to questions.

  • According to Nick Lowe, there’s “big stuff coming for Archangel in July.” There will be a little bit about it tomorrow at the X-men panel.
  • In response to a question about where the “Halo” graphic novel fits in continuity, Marvel’s Ruwan Jayatilleke took the stage, “It goes all over the place,” and mentioned several of the stories, which include a pre-story about Master Chief and the Spartan armor, a Covenant story, and Sgt. Johnson fighting his way through the Flood.
  • In regards to whether Loeb and Campbell would be taking over an existing Spider Man book or getting their own, new title, Jeph said, “We’ll be talking more about that as time progresses. We’re in for a pretty big piece, it’s not going to be a hit and run.”

  • One heartfelt fan asked how hard it was to kill Banshee for “X-Men: Deadly Genesis?” According to Joe, “the honest truth not hard.” To which Tom Breevort responded: “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”
Lisa Kirby discusses “Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters”

Asked whether Wolverine would be getting a MAX book, now that he has two titles, Quesada quickly dismissed it. Character like Spider Man and Wolverine, he said, are “like crack for kids.” Loeb quickly responded, “he means that in the best way.” But they don’t want to cross the two worlds.

  • The MAX line will have new announcements in a few months, possibly some ongoing’s and mostly non-superhero books.
  • Stan Lee is up to something, but all Joe Q. could say was “wait and see.”

  • In response to a question about the Vegas odds on Speedball making it through “Civil War,” or in fact, any of the New Warriors making it out alive, Quesada responded, “Next question.”

Nick Lowe fielded a question about goings-on in the X-World. “‘Uncanny’ is going to be doing some cool space stuff,” “Sabretooth and Cable will be in regular ‘X-Men,'” and “Deadpool’s got his hands full.” However, the “Cable/Deadpool” series will continue.

  • According to Tom Breevort, “It’ll be longer than you can believe but shorter than you can imagine” before we see the main villain from “The Other” storyline.

  • Will there be a possible team-up with Punisher and Nighthawk in MAX? Quesada: “Good suggestion.”

When someone asked Loeb about his upcoming Ultimates run, citing that “Ultimates 2” is the best book published by Marvel, Jeph responded, “We’re just going to try to tell the best story we can.”

He explained that usually when a new creative team was brought on to a book, there’s something that needs to be better. There’s nothing wrong with Ultimates, it’s possibly the best book out there. “It’s kind of like going to see a new James Bond movie.” Some people’s favorite is Sean Connery, some people like Pierce Brosnan, but you go because it’s James Bond.

  • According to Tom Breevort, we may see more from Dan Slott, “if he ever catches up on his workload.”
  • Thor info can be found in “Fantastic Four” issue #536.
  • Peter doesn’t know everything his new suit can do yet.

  • Will we ever get the definitive version of what happened to Magneto between Morrison’s run and Claremont’s? “There was a line from Wanda in House of M.” That’s it? “Yeah.
Jeff Scott Campbell & Jeph Loeb share a moment at the Cup O’ Joe

Another fan asked for an explanation of Marvel’s ICON line, to which Joe replied, “ICON is very simple, there are certain exclusive creators who want to do creator-owned, and we offer them that venue to do so.”

Brian Bendis joined the assembled Marvelites at this point to field a question about the New Avengers and “Civil War.” “No book gets screwed up more during Civil War.” It shatters the team, and will culminate in a “New Avengers Disassembled” storyline. Each issue of this storyline will focus on one team member and be drawn by a different artist: Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider Woman, Sentry, and Iron Man. The artists include Howard Chaykin and Lenil Yu among others.

A question from a fan asking whether there will be another big event right after “Civil War” prompted a big discussion. Quesada explained that Marvel’s policy was that fans would not have to buy books they normally wouldn’t to understand the “big events,” just the event’s books. Loeb’s response, “comics are events.” Just because a book doesn’t have a banner reading “Wowzer Space” doesn’t mean it’s not an event. Nick Lowe then asked when Jeph was going to do “Wowzer Space,” to which a fan replied, “maybe one year later.” There was silence, then laughter.

  • Bendis and Breevort teased that the corrupt SHIELD storyline from early in the “New Avengers” run would be brought to the fore in “Civil War.” “There’s stuff you’ve seen and already read that’s part of that.”

  • After “Civil War,” Bendis and Alex Maleev will be doing a “Spider Woman” ongoing series. He described it as a “Spy SHIELD, Fury, Ronin, Black Widow, sexy spy characters series.”

Prompted by a fan’s assertion that “the last issue of Avengers was really good,” Bendis opened his wallet and paid him off. The same fan asked about whether Jim Steranko would be coming to do New Avengers, at which point Bendis described him as his personal “Mount Everest.” Much fun poking was had by all. Think “sherpas.”

  • Bendis loves what Brubaker is doing on “Daredevil,” and in 6 months, we’re “really going to be thrilled.”

  • Nick Lowe said that Jo Chen will be doing “Runaways” covers again in the near future.

A very interesting conversation struck up around the subject of footnotes, a la old Stan Lee-era comics. Quesada thinks it worked for Stan, because The Man broke the fourth wall all the time, but he likened it to an episode of a TV show that froze to explain plot points to the audience. Bendis had an interesting theory that message boards are the new footnotes. If someone has a question, a bunch of people will be ready to answer.

  • Come the end of the year, Ares fans will be very happy.
  • In 12 months, the Hulk will be beating up other Marvel heroes again.
  • Regarding the recent boom in lesser-known characters like Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight, Quesada said that Marvel was moving beyond the publishing arm being “driven by ‘X-Men,'” and lately we’re seeing a more Marvel character-centric world.
  • A possible relationship between Echo and Tony Stark? Bendis said, “I don’t know if after ‘Civil War’ we’ll be able to get them in the same room.”

  • We should see Orson Scott Card’s next “Ultimate Iron Man” late next year or early next year. Also, according to Lowe, “Rhodey will be very involved.”

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