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WWLA: CBR Photo Parade – Part 1

by  in Comic News Comment
WWLA: CBR Photo Parade – Part 1

Well, Wizard World LA has come and gone, but there are still plenty of photos to go through. CBR’s own Pinguino Kolb snapped off a whole boat load of really great pictures and CBR’s own Jonah Weiland is along to provide the sometimes obnoxious commentary. Let’s get right to it. The following photos were taken Saturday.

It’s Wizard World LA, which means it’s time for another photo parade! Wheeee! Bill Willingham
Sean Chen Tone Rodriguez
Phillip Tan Manganime thing.
Every time I passed by David Finch’s table he had a line like this. Steady flow of Finch fans all weekend. Some dude feels up a Transformer.
Superman: “Haha, you have to wear that hot and crappy mask.” Hulk: “I’ll show you hot and crappy.” You don’t want to know what happened next. Animanga thing with deadly (i.e. lame) spike action!
“Heroes” Jesse Alexander with his son, Simon. “Heroes” Michael Green
“Heroes” Chuck Kim and Tim Sale The left side of the “Heroes” panel (L-R) – Joe Pokaski, Aron Coleite, Bryan Fuller, Chuck Kim and creator Tim Kring
The full “Heroes” panel (L-R) – Jesse Alexander (with Simon), Michael Green, Adam Armus, Kay Foster, Jeph Loeb, Joe Pokaski, Aron Coleite, Bryan Fuller, Chuck Kim, Tim Kring and Tim Sale Next door to the “Heroes” panel was the IDW panel. Pinguino ran over ther for a short bit to shoot some photos there. Here’s writer Brian Lynch.
Gene Simmons and Nick Simmons The IDW Panel
IDW EiC Chris Ryall DC Comics’ Bob Wayne
A group shot of the “Heroes” writing staff. Back Row (L-R) Joe Pokaski, Bryan Fuller, Aron Coleite, Tim Kring, Kay Foster, Adam Armus and Michael Green. Front Row (L-R) Simon Alexander, Jesse Alexander, Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale and Chuck Kim. This time, “Heroes” fan and “Friday Night Lights” cast member Scott Porter joins the group shot.
Jesse Alexander with his son Simon, whom we’re thinking might be the brains behind “Heroes.” We could not get confirmation on this, though. “Heroes” Kay Foster
“Heroes” Chuck Kim The heroes of CBR’s weekly BEHIND THE ECLIPSE Q&A Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski
If you’ve been checking out these photo parades for a while, you know what my comment will be — Lame. Tony Fleecs
Put that thing away. There are kids around! Jeeze! Tim Sale
Xena, Convention Pricess AHHHHHHHHH CRAP, it’s a giant headed mouse thing! Wolvie, attack! Seriously, dude, attack! Dude, you’re fully useless.
Charles & Daniel Knauf Tom Brevoort — “I spy something…”
Nick Simmons and Gene Simmons Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson
“Blade Trinity” Peoples Paul Reubens AKA Pee Wee Herman
Dammit. I’m totally drawing a blank. Help me out here, people! David Arquette
Brett C Nance (“S.P.A.Z.”) and Rafael Navarro (“Sonambulo”) Philip Victor
Something & Something — Wait, that’s a good title for a buddy cop TV show! “Veronica Mars'” Kristen Bell (settle down, Robert)
Wayne Pygram (“Star Wars,” “Farscape”) Doug Jones surfing! (Silver Surfer from the upcoming “Fantastic Four 2”)
“Civil War: The Initiative” Panel Dwayne McDuffie
Ed Brubaker and Paul Jenkins Brub: “I killed Captain America! HA!” Jenkins: “Yeah, you did! HAHA!”
The Green Hornet smiles pretty for the camera. Those “Punks” Kody Chamberlin and Joshua Fialkov
The Three Musketeers horsing around. Drunk Duck cartoonists David Davis, Andrew Brennan, Derek Croston and Shawn Granger.
I would not like to play 52 pick up with this guy. Marc Singer (“Beastmaster”)
Lou Ferigno Actor Tony Burton
David Finch takes a break from the never ending line. I guess we know who “Friday Night Lights” cast member Scott Porter is voting for in 2008.
Mark Tteague (“Tony Loco”) Buncha damned KISS dudes with a fan.
Javier Grillo-Marxuach, the only man in comics with a harder name to spell than Bill Sienkiewicz. Sherry Liebowitz at the Golden Apple booth.
Random Fan – “Check out my unique lack of muscles.” Wrestler Steve Austin, with no shortage of muscles.
The Marvel booth. Some dude.
Rick & Eric Basaldua Marc Silvestri
The Atomic Comics booth. Kids play video games, destroying their own brains.
Wearing your sunglasses indoors is so cool… …especially while singing karaoke or some crap.
“Ladies, welcome to Los Angeles. My name is Jonah Weiland. How’d you like to come back to my place? I can show you my ‘Green Lantern’ collection! Hello? Ladies? Now where did they go?” Marvel editor Andy Schmidt
“Lara, welcome to Los Angeles. My name is Jonah Weiland. How’d you … wait a second, where the hell did she get off to already?” Security: “Sir, please stop harassing the costumed ladies at Wizard World.” Another look at the fully useless, afraid of giant headed mice Wolverine.
“Welcome to Los Angel…Hey! Where did they go? What the hell is going on?” Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley check out their giant sized KISS comic.
Gene’s expression is pricess. More with Gene & Paul
“Welcome to Los Angeles … wow, you haven’t left yet. So, do you like ‘Green Lantern?'” “Yeah!” “Really?” [faints] “Sir? Hello? MEDIC! Low rent Transformer.
Ross Richie and Joe Casey “Welcome to … wait, no. Go away, dude. Seriously — away.
Trevor Goring John Paul Leon
Peter David Craig Kyle
Chrstos Gage Marvel’s Jim McCann at the LA Con Center pulpit.
Bernard Chang and Sean Chen Lil’ Spidey

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