WWIII Illustrated includes tales from New York City Attacks

Official Press Release

World War 3 Illustrated has been providing a forum for artists' reflections and commentary on events that have shaped our world since the eve of Ronald Reagan's election.Today, at this crucial point in history, World War 3 Illustrated's role is more essential than ever.

In the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy, people have been compelled to create art reacting to the events and their repercussions. Our 32nd issue compiles the work of 25 artists and writers who were living in New York City at the time of the World Trade Center attacks and provides first hand accounts and insights into the disaster and its impact.

Contributors include:

Sue Coe (Dead Meat), Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World), Spain (Zap), James Romberger (Seven Miles A Second),Seth Tobocman (War In The Neighborhood), Knickerbocker (NoZone),Kevin Pyle (Lab USA), Ward Sutton (Schlock and Roll), Peter Kuper (Speechless), Ron English (Propaganda) and many more.

World War 3 Illustrated #32 (80 pages with four full color painted covers) Edited by the magazine's co-founders Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper along with Jordan Worley.

For more info on the history of WW3 visit:www.worldwar3illustrated.com

It will be available in book stores and comic shops in mid January

Distributed by Mordam Records (www.mordamrecords.com) and Diamond

Cover price $3.50 UPC# 0-7447019969-4-32

Single copies available post paid for $5.50 (in U.S.A) $6.50 (Foreign) from:

WW3, P.O. Box 20777,Tompkins Sq. Sta., NY NY 10009

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