WWE Superstars Pay Tribute to Harley Quinn & Wonder Woman

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella stepped into the ring at Sunday night's Backlash event in Richmond, VA, wearing Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman inspired outfits, respectively, in a six-women elimination match to crown the WWE's first ever Smackdown Live! Women’s Champion. Alas, their superhero-inspired outfits were unable to help either wrestler secure the win at the pay-per-view event -- that honor went to Becky Lynch -- but both WWE Superstars celebrated their personal fandoms on the larger than life stage.

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Bliss, who has a history of wearing comics and film-inspired ring gear, including Iron Man and Freddy Krueger-themed outfits, has been sporting a Harley Quinn-style look in recent weeks. For the Pay-Per-View event, she upped her game, adding the red-tipped pigtails to a pink and blue outfit for an unmistakably Harley-inspired appearance.

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After being cleared to return to wrestling in July of this year following career-threatening surgery to repair a herniated disc she received whilst wrestling in October 2015, Bella celebrated Wonder Woman’s Seventy-Fifth Anniversary with a performance that embodied bravery and strength. Her ring gear's influences were acknowledged by the former Divas Champ in a pre-match tweet that made it clear that she was paying homage to the DC hero.

2night us women make history 2night I prove why I'm the living WonderWoman 2night I hope 2 b ur Champ N #WWEBacklash pic.twitter.com/HpbTDxJXqY

— Nikki & Brie (@BellaTwins) September 11, 2016

You can watch the full WWE SmackDown Live! match on the WWE Network.

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