WWE Superstar Sasha Banks' Royal Rumble Attire Homaged Wonder Woman

History was made last night at WWE's 31st annual Royal Rumble event because for the first time ever, 30 women competed in their very own over-the-top-rope battle royal match, with the winner getting a shot at a Women's Championship match at WrestleMania 34. To commemorate this momentous occasion, WWE Superstar Sasha Banks decided to wear her love of DC Comics' Amazon Princess on her sleeve, as The Boss went full-on superheroine with Wonder Woman-inspired ring attire.

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Despite entering the match in the unfavorable number-one slot, Banks emerged from the backstage area every bit as confident as fans have come to expect, sporting the classic red, white and blue color scheme and knee-high boots that have long been synonymous with Wonder Woman. The Legit One would go on to deliver an incredible performance in the 30-woman melee, lasting nearly a full hour before being eliminated by Nikki Bella.

Coincidentally, Nikki also donned Wonder Woman-inspired ring gear at the 2016 Backlash event in a six-women elimination match to crown the WWE’s first ever Smackdown Live! Women’s Champion. What's more, Alexa Bliss, who was also in that match, debuted a Harley Quinn-inspired look, complete with Margot Robbie-esque pink-tipped pigtails, which ended up becoming a staple of her character for a number of months.

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You can watch the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble in its entirety on the WWE Network.

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