WWE Superstars Suit Up in Miles Morales & Dark Phoenix Ring Gear

The WWE is holding its NXT TakeOver: Phoenix event Saturday night ahead of Sunday's Royal Rumble. One of the matchups pits the challenger Johnny Gargano against NXT North American Champion Ricochet.

As both competitors made their way to the squared circle, viewers in attendance and watching on the WWE Network got to witness the superstars' comic book-inspired ring gear: Gargano became the latest host of the Phoenix Force, while Ricochet went dressed as Miles Morales, the star of the Oscar-nominated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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Adam Riches shared his designs for Gargano's gear on social media. The "Johnny TakeOver" on the back of the trunks is in the style of the Uncanny X-Men logo. The flames of the Phoenix can also be seen on the boots. Of course, Dark Phoenix is the next X-Men movie to be released in theaters on June 7.

Gargano is famously known for adapting superhero costumes for his ring gear. For example, for August's NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, his tights were inspired by the Lethal Protector, Venom, who at the time had a solo movie preparing to release in theaters.

Finally, Ricochet's red-and-black leather jacket and hoodie feature a web and spider symbol on the chest. When Miles accepted his destiny as Spider-Man in Into the Spider-Verse, he took a Spider-Man suit from Aunt May and spraypainted it red-and-black.

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