WWE Referee Suffers Gruesome Broken Leg, Finishes Calling Match

Referees often get lost in the shuffle in the WWE. They call a match, count the pinfall and that's about it. Occasionally, they will get involved in the show in some way, doing something to make a few headlines. And that's exactly what happened at an NXT live show last Thursday night.

Official Tony Castor badly broke his leg while calling a match between North American Champion The Velveteen Dream and challenger Tyler Breeze. If that wasn't shocking enough, Castor managed to see his job all the way to the end and counted the 1-2-3 pinfall. Riley Pentecost captured photo evidence of the injury and posted it to Twitter, calling for Castor to get a raise.

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The injury, as you can see above, is quite ghastly and would've been grounds to either stop the match or find a replacement referee. However, Castor found the fortitude deep within himself to make the three count on Breeze.

Castor's guts received nothing but admiration from his colleagues, with officials and superstars alike sending their well-wishes. Fellow referee and former hardcore wrestler Drake "Younger" Wuertz revealed Castor told him how much he loved the business from his gurney.

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Castor went to Instagram himself to talk about his injury and thank WWE, the NXT roster and all the fans in the WWE Universe for their thoughts and support. Like his sports entertainer counterparts who get hurt all the time, Castor will be out for the next several months to heal and rehab.

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