WWE Officially Explains Controversial Ending to Hell in a Cell Main Event

The most recent WWE pay-per-view event, Hell in a Cell, concluded its title match for the Universal Championship between Seth Rollins and Bray "The Fiend" Wyatt in a controversial fashion, much to the chagrin of fans.

As Seth unleashed everything he could on an incapacitated Fiend in the assumed no-holds-barred cage match to end the night, referee Rod Zapata called the bout before the Fiend could concede, ending the marquee fight with a no-contest result. In WWE-sponsored web talk show The Bump, reflecting on recent events for the professional wrestling organization, Zapata provided a written statement explaining his decision.

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"With Bray motionless, and Seth clearly doing whatever it was going to take to win that match...I had to think of the competitor's safety and at that moment, I did what I thought was best," read the statement from the main event referee.

The Bump's hosts are visibly divided by the statement, a sentiment shared by fans attending the show who audibly booed and chanted for refunds as the main event came to a close. With the confrontation between Seth and the Fiend unresolved, fans will hopefully get an epic rematch and sense of closure denied by the cage match's final results.

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