Choke Holds & Cuckolds: WWE's Kinks Are Contentious - But Keep Fans Coming

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Lana revealed recently, in no uncertain terms, that she's been having an affair with Bobby Lashley, much to Rusev's... sort of unconvincing dismay. Not long before this, Maria Kanellis finally revealed to Mike Kanellis that she's pregnant, and that Mike was not the father. In fact, Maria made it a point to say that Mike isn't man enough to be the father.

The recent uptick in WWE's cuckolding stories seems to have piqued viewers' interests. However, as always, fans are currently divided into two camps: they love it or hate it. According to Forbes, fans have gone so far as to say that the Lashley/Lana segment is the worst storyline of 2019. However, this style of storytelling is far from new. The WWE has been using real-life drama and soap opera melodrama to foster bizarre stories of cuckolding and sexual deviance for as long as many fans can remember. And whether you love them or hate them, these strange train-wreck stories definitely hold our attention.

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Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Test

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Back in 1999, Stephanie McMahon and Andrew 'Test' Martin were together, but this didn't come easily. Although Test had no issue getting his blessing from Vince, it seemed that Shane hated the idea. It took a one-on-one street fight between the two in order for Test to get Stephanie's hand. But once the match was finished and the dust cleared, Test came out victorious.

The date had been set and the WWE was ready for a glorious wedding. However, the one and only Triple H had different plans. During the wedding, the Game crashed the party and revealed that he had already married Stephanie. The plan was to promise her a divorce under the condition that he get a shot at the WWE Championship match with Test at Armageddon.

This storyline got a little messy towards the end. The feud between Triple H and Test sort of fizzled out, with Triple H facing Vince McMahon during Armageddon. By contrast, Test sort of faded into the background. Although Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are now married in real life, the tone-deafness of this particular story still makes most fans cringe. Given how much the idea of consent has thankfully come more to the fore in years since, we almost certainly will not see a rehash of this off-putting storyline.

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Chris Jerico / Trish Stratus / Christian

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This relationship started over one Canadian dollar. In 2003, Chris Jericho and Christian were dating Trish Stratus and Lita (respectively). Chris Jericho and Christian bet a single Canadian dollar on who could get their WWE Diva first. When Trish learned of the bet, she brokenheartedly broke up with Jericho. However, the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rollah had developed feelings for the blonde bombshell.

Much to Christian’s chagrin, Jericho tried to mend the relationship he had with Trish. Christian's disdain for the Jericho/Trish pairing began to show in their tag team matches. This disagreement escalated until Wrestlemania XX. The pair finally faced off, with Trish in Jericho’s corner. In the end, Christian came out victorious after Trish accidentally hit Jericho. But the kicker was the reveal. As it turns out, Trish was with Christian the entire time.

This storyline held the attention of viewers for eight months. In fact, it was so explosive, Trish's popularity soared after her sudden and unexpected heel turn. Viewers love characters they can hate, and Trish capitalized on this in true superstar fashion. So while it was certainly divisive, this lone, strange story arguably created one of the most iconic WWE superstars ever.

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Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy

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The mid-2000s was a peak time for cuckolding stories. None, however, made as much of an impact as Edge, Lita and Matt Hardy's story because this particular affair started outside of the ring. In reality, Matt Hardy and Lita had been dating for years. However, the pair split and Lita ended up dating Edge. This infuriated Hardy and he turned to social media in order to vent. This, in turn, resulted in the WWE releasing Hardy from his contract. But after fan retaliation, the WWE reinstated Hardy using this story as his return line.

The first official match between Hardy and Edge took place during SummerSlam 2005. It featured the ref stopping the match when Edge busted Hardy's head open against the ringpost. Because Hardy was unable to continue, Edge was declared the winner. They had numerous matches after, including a Steel Cage match, a Street Fight and a Ladder Match. In the end, Edge came out the victor.

This storyline seemed more like a public shaming of Lita than art imitating life. It brought to the forefront some personal issues Lita, Matt Hardy and Edge were all enduring. However, the three are professionals and agreed to do work through it, for better or worse. In a recent interview with Matt Hardy, he mentions that everyone was aware of the situation and okay with it.

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Cuckolds Galore

Indeed, some good ol' fashioned cuckoldry is nothing new to the WWE; in fact, it's a story we've seen countless times. Heck, even what we've mentioned above is but a small sampling from the company over the years. Are they always good? No, almost never.

And yet, it's that over-the-top, good vs. evil, love triangle malarkey that is one of the many reasons the WWE is so popular. The storylines may not be engaging or entertaining, but they're certainly weird enough to be remembered. That's not kink-shaming, mind you, it's just a fact that certain things are memorable, even if they're not beloved.

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