WWE: Comic haters need not apply

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It's been some time since WWE Superstar Darren Young came out publicly as WWE's first openly gay superstar, a huge accomplishment considering how the company had depicted gay characters in the past. With the divide between public acceptance and macho stereotypes, former superstar Brodus Clay was asked during an interview with Kayfabe Commentaries about the real behind-the-scenes reaction and concerns surrounding Young's announcement, and what I learned may shock you.

"In terms of the locker room, it wasn’t a big deal. ... We weren’t like, “oh my what?” We’re past that. Our locker room is very accepting of that. Honestly, we’re probably more angry if someone’s not reading comic books than whether they’re gay or straight."

That's right, the WWE locker room takes their comic books very seriously. Marvel.com hosts an ongoing series called 'Fightin' Fanboys' that talks to a variety of different professional tough geeks who gush about their love of sequential art. Indy wrestling promotion Chikara is practically a love letter to comics wrapped in lucha masks, outrageous gimmicks and four-color storytelling; many current WWE superstars graced Chikara's ring before signing with the WWE. So while we might be on the edge of our seat for their in-ring antics, championship title runs and sellout betrayals (curse you, Seth Rollins!), know that Stardust worries for the "The Death of Wolverine," Roman Reigns thinks there's nothing cooler than thinking you're Iron Man, and the real reason people boo John Cena is that he doesn't read comics, just follows the movies. Boo that man!

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