WWC: Wildstorm Panel gets Scary with "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash"

With Wizard World Chicago slowing down to a near halt on Sunday, Wildstorm still had time to show off for the fans with a little "Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash."

The comic is based on the treatment for a feature film by Jeff Katz that was approved but never made it to film.

"There was an approved treatment that was done for it, it was approved before it kicked the bucket," James Kuhoric, writer of the series, told the 40 people in attendance. "We've got that treatment, it was approved, so you'll get to see it."

The series will be six-issues and kicks off with two issues coming out in November. J. Scott Campbell will do the covers while Jason Craig will do interiors.

"I'm the biggest horror geek out there, so I'm putting everything into it," Craig said. "We've got screen shots (from previous movies)… we're keeping the color, the tone, everything the same."

The previously announced "Armageddon" series was mentioned, which will sweep through six different one-shot comics. "Midnighter: Armageddon," "Tranquility: Armageddon," "Wetworks: Armageddon," "Gen 13: Armageddon," "Stormwatch PHD: Armageddon" and "Wildcats: Armageddon" are the six titles. The books are all written by Chris Gage, with cover art by Mike McCone. The respective regular series will not be interrupted.

"I've read five of the first six scripts," WildStorm Editor Scott Peterson said. "If it's not the best thing that Chris Gage has ever written, then it's as good as his best ever."

The Armageddon series starts off with Void appearing to Midnighter, telling him he has to come with her, and that she can't explain anything further. Suddenly they're in the middle of London and it's completely destroyed. It's the near future. Void tells Midnighter that he has to stop this, and then she disappears. The six issues will ship every other week.

Also displayed for the fans was an image from the upcoming monthly "World of Warcraft," by Walter Simonson, due out in November. "Trick 'R Treat," by Mark Andreyko, an adaptation of an upcoming horror film. "It's very, very creepy, scary stuff without being too much slash and burn," Peterson said. The cover of "Ex Machina" # 31 and "The Authority: Prime," a 6-issue mini series out in October was also displayed for the fans.

Brian Azarello also sat in on the panel and told fans he's loving writing "Deathblow," joking that the title was something he has enjoyed since he was a 5-years old.

"I'm getting a pretty interesting response to this book," Azarello said. "People are liking it, but don't understand it. By the end of it, you will understand… but you won't like it."

Joel Gomez, the artist on "Wetworks" from issue 10-15, sat next to the creator of the book, Whilce Portacio.

"This is my first time to have a dialogue with Whilce," Gomez said. "Him being the creator, it's really cool to pick his brain on these characters."

Portacio kept joking that he got fired from the book - something that Peterson laughed at, saying that Portacio gets to do the projects he wants, like "Superman/Batman."

"I told Joel, I really, really love his stuff," Portacio said. "It was very epic, what they wanted to do. I wondered if the little 'padawan' was up to the challenge… I was very pleasantly surprised to see what he's done."

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