WWC: Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund Charity Auction

"Superman/Batman" #26 was a history making comic featuring work by an all-star team of comic professionals who had gathered together to pay tribute to a remarkable friend they lost to a battle with cancer, Sam Loeb, son of writer Jeph Loeb. Saturday, attendees packed the Alex Toth room at Wizard World Chicago for a chance to own a piece of history and help a good cause by bidding on art from the issue which was up for sale in the Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund Charity Auction. (For more, check out our pre-show interview with Loeb.)

The hosts for the auction were Sam's father, Jeph Loeb and Erica Durance, who plays Lois Lane on the TV show, "Smallville." Loeb served as auctioneer while Durance presented the items up for bid. The two mocked their lack of experience in their roles. "We've never done this before," Loeb told the crowd. "Yeah, we have no idea what we're doing but this sounds like fun," Durance said.

Before the bidding began, Loeb informed the crowd where their money would be going by defining the goal of the scholarship fund. "Once a year we'll give out a scholarship of $10,000 to a student who most embodies the spirit of Sam," Loeb explained. "Someone who is brilliant, funny and has a healthy and utter disrespect for authority."

Ed McGuinness's first page in "Superman/Batman" #26 was the first item up for bid and fetched $1300. McGuinness's final page in the book was the last page of art up for bid in the auction and went for a whopping $8100, making it the highest selling item in the auction. It even beat out the two page spread by Jim Lee which was sold for $7000

In addition to the original interior art, attendees also got the chance to bid on copies of "Superman/Batman" #26 that were signed by the book's creators. Winners had the chance to take copies that were signed by over a dozen creators right away or if they waited Loeb would get all twenty six creators to sign the book and send it to the winners at his expense. There were signed copies of both the yellow and black covers of "Superman/Batman" #26 available. All together the signed copies netted $3800.

Midway through the auction, Michel Turner arrived to put a surprise item up for bid. Earlier in that day, Turner did an original portrait of Superboy in pencil especially for the auction. The surprise portrait went for $2700.

The very last item up for sale was also done by Turner. It was the pencil sketch of Cover B for "Superman/Batman" #26. With a bid of $6000, artist Rob Liefeld - whose page in "Superman/Batman" #26 sold earlier in the auction for $1000 - became the proud owner of the cover sketch.

The auction was a resounding success. By our calculations, the auction generated almost $70,000 for the fund.

The pieces and winning bids were:

    Page 22 by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines went for $8100, the higest bid for any piece at the auction.
  • Page 1 Ed McGuinness - $1300
  • Page 2 and 3 Jim Lee - $7000
  • Page 4 Tim Sale - $1500
  • Page 5 Tim Sale - $3000
  • Page 6 Pat Lee - $600
  • Page 7 Pat Lee - $450
  • Page 8 Carlos Pachecho - $1500
  • Page 9 Mike Kunkel - $3600
  • Page 10 Duncan Rouleau - $800
  • Page 11 Ian Churchill Norm Rapmund - $4200
  • Page 12 Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund - $1700
  • Page 13 Rob Liefeld - $1000
  • Page 14 Joe Maduiera - $3100
  • Page 15 Art Adams - $3000
  • Page 16 Joyce Chin - $1100
  • Page 17 Jeff Matsuda - $1100
  • Page 18 Jeff Matsuda - $1100
  • Page 19 Carlos Pachecho - $1000
  • Page 20 John Cassaday - $1400
  • Page 21 John Cassaday - $2700
  • Page 22 Ed McGuinness - $8100
  • Original Pat Lee Cover - $1000
  • Michael Turner Cover Sketch A - $4500
  • Michael Turner Cover Sketch B - $6000
  • Michael Turner Unused Cover Sketch C - $1000
  • Michael Turner Superboy sketch done for the auction - $2700
  • Autographed books: $550, $750, $850, $800, $750, $900 and $750

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