WWC: Preview Night Photo Parade

Hey everyone, Jonah Weiland here. This year I've decided to sit out Wizard World Chicago and enjoy the show from the comfort of my Los Angeles area loft. I went back and forth on going to the show for weeks, but ultimately with Comic-Con International taking place less than two weeks ago, I'm still tired! Now, while I'm not at the show proper, a large contingent of CBR reporters and photographers are at the show and ready to report on all the panels and goings on.

Probably the thing I enjoy most at a convention is taking photos on the con floor and sharing them with all you guys. With me not being at the show, I've asked a handful of photographer to be me! Roam the floor, find crazy costumed folk, snap photos of creators and essentially bring the con experience to you, our loyal CBR readers. That's what Michael R. Beneke (AKA Lt. Marvel on the CBR Forums) did on Wizard World Chicago's Preview Night. All the photos below are by him, with words by me. It's like he's the plotter and artist and I'm the scripter -- except we really don't have a coherent story, but we're working on that. I gotta admit, I'm excited to see how this all works out. The photographers CBR has at the show all come with a different perspective than I have, taking pictures of things I may not normally notice or necessarily be interested in. Should be an interesting mix of photos over the weekend.

Allright, enough with the talky-talky and onto the photos. CBR's coverage of Wizard World Chicago continues Friday morning and throughout the weekend.

That's it for today. See you all later this weekend.

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