WWC, Day 2 - No news is good news in the Ultimate Universe?

Marvel's "Ultimate Universe -- the gold standard" panel was so happy to be a no-news panel that the company forgot to announce the one tidbit it could -- that Leinil Yu has signed exclusively with Marvel. CBR Executive Editor Jonah Weiland confirmed the news that slipped away with Marvel's Marketing Director John Dokes in the Marvel booth after the panel. Look for an exclusive interview with Yu Sunday on CBR.

Marvel did remember to announce that Leinil Yu will be drawing "Ultimate Hulk vs. Ultimate Wolverine." The writer of the book is as-yet unnannounced.

"We have some more Ultimate announcements that we can't talk about here," Quesada said.

But wait, isn't this the Ultimates panel? Seems like a good place to make Ultimates announcements. CBR had to ask.

"We have deals with not one, but a couple magazines to premier certain news items," Quesada said, "and in some cases -- I think in one case -- it's a contract."

An image that wasn't on hold for a magazine deadline was "Ultimate Extinction" by Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson. The book brings Galactus to the Ultimate universe.

"It will be the coolest thing you've ever seen, Warren has a story that's going to be mind-blowing," Quesada said, "Brandon promises it'll be the best job he's ever done – ever."

At least the tone of the panel -- which featured Talent Coordinator C.B. Cebulski, Associate Editor Nick Lowe, Brian Michael Bendis, Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and Dokes -- was set early when Quesada admitted that not much was about to be announced.

"How many of you guys have been to the other (Marvel) panels?" Quesada asked. "So you know that we've had some really cool announcements and stuff... there will be none of that here."

Marvel was in a holding pattern on most announcements. Besides the writer of the "Ultimate Hulk vs. Ultimate Wolverine" book, the new artist on "Ultimate Iron Man" was also kept mum.

Another half-story was "Ultimate Invasion," featuring words by Brian Michael Bendis and art by the most popular artist of the day, Mr. To-Be-Named-In-Not-One-But-Multiple-Magazaines.

Quesada described it as a "big climactic battle at the end of 2006."

It comes on the heels of Galactus' visit to the Ultimate U, and the art will be by a "superstar" that has never worked in the Ultimate Universe.

The following is a sampling of art displayed during the panel.

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