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WWC, Day 2 – CBR Photo Parade

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WWC, Day 2 – CBR Photo Parade

It’s 2:43 in the morning on Sunday as I type this, so expect this to be brief. I felt bad about the lack of photos from Friday, so I’ve more than made up for it below with 65 publishable photos. I started the day in Artists Alley and then made my way to the rest of the show. Enjoy!

FC9 Publishing’s Tilman Goins Zombie Style Dudes
“The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft” artist Adam Byrne Some “Trigun” dude. I guess I need to watch that show at some point.
Josh Crawley Arthur Dela Cruz
Statue zombie. Chick zombie. Michael Lark & Michael Gaydos
Lil’ Super Hero Dudes Sorry, dude, but that’s possibly the worst Robin costume I’ve ever seen.
Brian Hurtt Chris Samnee
Mike Huddleston Mike Norton
Eric Adams Buzz
I’m all about that Batgirl costume. Wait, holy crap, there’s other people in this photo, too! Chain Mail as a fashion accesory so needs to come back into fashion.
Another dude from “Trigun.” Jim Calafiore
Josh Middleton Carla Speed McNeil
Lil’ Army Dudes They’ve already planned a sequel to “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” It’s Mr. & Mrs. Nightwing.
Geoff Darrow, who actualy posed for the picture like this … … then obliged us with the more family friendly pose.
Blade Jeff Amano
Wizard Fan Award Winner Greg Horn, who already broke his trophy! See, Ghostbusters really are the new stormtroopers.
No clue what she’s dressed as, but if you wear a half way decent costume I will chase you half way across the con hall for a picture. Or at least one aisle. Costumed ladies.
Gambit, cmon, let’s show some enthusiasm! Axel Alonso does portfolio review at the Marvel booth.
“Does anyone know where the Marvel booth is?” Mike Oeming signs at the ACTOR booth.
OK, if you’re going to come to he show in costume, you really should plan ahead or something because this costume? Not so much. Puffy Galactus
Mario Ruiz Dave Lanphear
This Wonder Woman is just one finger away from flipping me the bird. Watch it! The line, which had been cut off, for Alex Ross.
I dunno with Spider Jerusalem. Great. Whoppee. Lovely. Star Wars folk.
Crow Just your run of the mill green haired lady.
This guy is shilling for one of the voice actors on “Sealab 2021,” one of my fav shows. The young ladies like to get into the fun at Wizard World.
Mike Perkins Paul Jenkins
Joe Quesada & Jeph Loeb sign at the Marvel booth. Louise & Walter Simonson
Greg Rucka & Karl Kerschl If you don’t know, I have to wonder why you’re even on this Web site!
Raven Gregory Ladies
Two of the most unfortunate costumes encountered the entire convention. I believe it’s the band Twistid, but I could definitely be wrong.
Some Lady Andrew Pepoy
Mark Silvestri signs at the Top Cow booth. Willy Freaking Wonka. Gene Wilder could kick Johnny Depp’s ass anyday!
DC’s Bob Wayne signs some copies for a fan of “Time Masters.” Dude who had a kick ass costume, but also brought the ultra creepy.
Apparently, the Joker’s decided to upgrade from

Harley Quinn. Of course, should he get nostalgic

for the good ol’ days, I’m sure Mystique would be

happy to oblige his requests. Oh, a shape shifting

girl friend. Gotta find me one of those,

sans the deadliness.

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