WWC: Civil War Panel

"There is no going back after Civil War. We use these events to modernize our characters." -- Joe Quesada

The Marvel Civil War panel took over the huge Christopher Reeve Theatre to a packed house anxious to hear news about the House of Ideas' internecine conflicts. On hand was Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, Marketing Daster John Dokes, Editor Tom Brevoort and Publicity Manager Jim McCann.

The news from the panel was twofold. First, Leinil Yu will be joining "New Avengers" (read more about that here) news that was announced in a matter-of-fact fashion. Second, there will be a mini-series featuring the Illuminati, showing their secretive effect on the Marvel universe for years and -- finally -- how it will be revealed to the public at large (and you can read more about that here). It was also revealed that Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy will make a comeback in "Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways" #2.

The rest of the presentation proper involved seeing covers and images from the event and some teases. "Civil War" #4 promises a certain death of a character who will end up "with a big hole in 'em," according to Brevoort, as well as the explanation of why a certain returning divinity is pro-registration.

Quesada was effusive with his praise for mastermind Brevoort, who was charged with coordinating the entire project. "With something this big," Quesada said, "there's always the temptation to add more and more titles, but Tom has been very good about this, and we've all been keeping a watchful eye to make sure all the tie-in books make sense to the story. It's all Tom at the end of the day." Jenkins also credited Brevoort with the developments surrounding Firestar.

When the floor was opened up to questions, it led to an expanded philosophical debate about why characters had chosen the side they're on. Jenkins admitted to sharing Captain America's view, but understanding the fear of powers beyond normal control, "without consequence or oversight," as Quesada said, running amok. "To give a little bit of the Iron Man argument, these young heroes are untrained, even the older heroes are untrained."

Everybody's opinion will be explored, even Jarvis, who will make his case in New Avengers #25. Namor will make his plays in "Civil War: Frontline" and "Civil War" #6. Brevoort hinted that Reed Richards may look for a replacement for The Thing in "Fantastic Four," that Dr. Banner may be returning before all is said and done, and two long lost characters -- Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch will be back in "New Avengers" #26.

Given that, an image of a certain hammer shattering a certain shield, and the implications surrounding the story, it's no wonder that in-house at Marvel they're already referring to events as "pre Civil War" and "post Civil War," an event that could resonate for years to come.

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