WWC: CBR Photo Parade - Saturday

Wow, Saturday had loads and loads of costumed folks, but that didn't stop us from snapping shots of a whole bunch of comic creators, too (I wonder, do costumed folk outnumber comic creators at conventions these days?) All photos taken Saturday at Wizard World Chicago. Enjoy. Friday's photos can be found here.

Photos by Tom Spendlove
Creepy BatmanWhite Queen: "So, why don't we go back to your place - what do you call it your Fortress of Solitude?" Supe-Dawg: "Yeah, I could definitely use some solitude with you, baby!"
Ahhhh! A storm trooper! DAMMIT!Brad gets into the mix.
Supe-Dawg: "OK, so why don't we go over to Marvel, kick ass on them, but steal their women first."OK, it's a cheap costume, but I don't believe I've ever seen a Maxx costume before, so points for originality.
Blow this one up. Batman's keeping an eye on Superman and vice versa. Odd.Lil' Spidey!
Not sure what they're supposed to be, but some nice formal wear.

The guy on the right in the photo writes to say he's the Daniel Craig James Bond and his girlfriend is Alice from "Resident Evil." We need more formal wear costumes. Let's class up these cons, people!
The little ones get into the mix with a little off the shoulder princess costume.
Dudes, it's not cool to hold guns to a ladies head.Pretty good "Spider-Man 3" style Venom.
Not a clue.I believe a character from the "Bleach" anime/manga.
Nice Azrael costume.Dude, Apokolips, you've really let yourself go.
Gah! Snow Troopers!This is so odd -- two Power Rangers, with an excellent Supergirl and Spidey seemingly scooting into the pic at the last second.
Not sure who this is, but a great costume and some excellent art on his table.Aquaman, J'onn J'onnz and Atom (he's real, too!)
Is the death of Superman that far away?Ohhhhh black costumed Supergirl, where have you been all my life?
Chun Li from "Street Fighter"Dapper.
B. Clay Moore says, "Me Hungry! Me Eat Food! Me Kill Guy Taking Picture While Eat Food While Hungry!"Shadowline's Jim Valentino and Kris Simon
Matt WagnerMichael Golden
Christopher MittenDavid Mack
Geoff DarrowChris Samnee
Francis ManapulMarvel's CB Cebulski readies himself as Top Cow's Rob Levin is about to plant one on 'im.
It's the Black Bastard!David Ahn
Eric AdamsOh, poor, poor alcoholic Iron Man.
Sister Grimm from "Runaways" I believe.Fat Momma from "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" Season 1
One lovely mamacita!Not quite sure.
Wario invokes mass chaos!
Photos by Jason Smith
Hot Zelda ActionI likes me some Lady Jedis. They can do mind tricks on me all day long!
I really kinda like the kitsch of this Robin outfit. Nice."We are Jedi." Soemone should just smack 'em both in the head.
Excellent. Father and Son?"Boba Fett? Boba Fett?"
X-23Marv & buddy!
Why is Thor hanging out at the Dark Horse booth? And why is hammer so close to Buffy?Captain Jack
Fat Magneto."Oh, black costume Supergirl, we meet againnnnnn!"
More Chun Li, this time action posed!"Oh, Catwoman! How about you, me and black costume Supergirl enjoy some cocktails at this Tiki lounge I know down the street."
OK, you need to blow this one up. The lovely black costumed supergirl with two of the funniest costumes of the Chicago show every year.Indy Lite
Another shot of the, ahem, well endowed super heroes.Wow. Just freaky.
Fat Magneto + Fat Plastic Man = Fat Plasmagticmaneto. On a serious note, can we please get a Plastic Man movie off the ground!Serious orthodontia issues.
Yowsa!Paul Jenkins and Mark Millar shoot some 9-ball. Ohhh, behind the back! Fancy.
The jokes on you, buddy.One of the best costumes of the weekend. Blow it up.
Another great costume.Ohhhhhhhhhh, baby!
You don't see many Lara Croft's anymore.V.
Robin.Damned Storm Troopers.
"So, me, Catwoman and black costume Supergirl are all going out for drinks. Wanna join us?""So, me, Catwoman, black costume Supergirl and Black Canary in the photo to the left are all going out for drinks. Wanna join us?"
Not sure, but I like.White Jedi
That Batman costume looks mega-painful to wear.OK, that might be more painful to wear than the Batman outfit.
The family that jokes together, sticks together.Cyclops gets all the ladies.
Love that jacket!

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