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WWC: CBR Photo Parade – Saturday

by  in Comic News Comment
WWC: CBR Photo Parade – Saturday

Ok, really in a rush to finish up tonight, so no long preamble from me. Just gotta say I’m real happy with what CBR’s photographers captured at the convention this weekend. They seem to be everywhere capturing every costumed freak and comic creator at the show. Nicely done, guys! One quick note before we move on to the photos — I’ve decided that I’m out of jokes for those wearing Star Wars attire, so I’m just going to be mean to ’em. That’s right, I’m gonna be mean. Not mean enough to make anyone cry, but I’m just out of jokes for ’em and this is what happens when I’m out of the jokes.

So, here we go, a look at some of the action at Wizard World Chicago this Saturday. First up, an assortment of photos from Michael Beneke.

I love this Kid Captain America. He’s got all sorts of fans.Jack Jack wants a team-up. And of course, the ladies like Kid Cap.
Dan Jurgens Andy Kubert
Jesse Delperdang Universe collide, and some dude sees something in the distance far more interesting.
Will Pfeiffer “Darth, put the fan boy down. Put the fan boy down!
I know how we settle this whole “Civil War” thing … … with a wrestling match! Yeah! Good idea! Uhhhh …

Next up we’ve got Doug Zawisa.

Takeshi Miyazawa Ok, that headdress has got to be annoying.
Rob Liefeld & Jeph Loeb Kid Flash. I wonder if this guy met Kid Cap?
An interesting assortment of Super Friends. One of the weirdest three-somes I’ve ever seen — and I live in Los Angeles and have seen some stuff!
Don Kramer Clayton Henry
Cap, Gamorean Guard and Wolvie. I would have made fun of the Gamorean because he’s, ya know, of the Star Wars, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Gamorean at a con before, so we’ll give him a pass this one time. This is what the room looks like from Joe Quesada’s vantage point during the Cup O’ Joe. How bizarre — a sea full of people, along with Wolvie and Cap. Just surreal.
For all of you who didn’t like how Kelsey Grammer looked as Beast in “X-Men: The Last Stand,” he could have looked like this! I dunno, but I like.
Even Indy’s gotta eat. Lame. Boring. Lame.

And finally, Jason Smith — the photo taking machine! He must have sent me over 100 shots from Saturday. Dude, you’re everywhere! Everywhere!

Spider-Punk Not a bad home-made War Machine costume.
Thunderstrike! Tom Brevoort
Stuart Immonen So, apparently this is the same guy who was Alan Scott in the previous photo parade. Your Hal Jordan is a big improvement, dude.
Greg Land Tony Daniel and Geoff Johns
Jill Thompson Michael Turner
“Veronica Mars” Kristen Bell having some fun. Kristen talking with a fan.
Backpack Action Nightwing Stupid. (Remember, I’m being mean to the Star Wars dudes)
I got nothing. Vega from “Street Fighter” II. His whole costume doesn’t really lend itself to humor, though. So sad.
Rogue, with Supergirl’s back. OK, I dunno, but this Superman has an attitude. I can tell. Maybe he’s that evil Superman from “Superman IV: Rid The Planet of Nukes.”
A sidewalk chalk artist works his magic outside the show.
Erica Durance (“Smallville’s” Lois Lane) at the Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund Auction Lust from “Full Metal Alchemist.”
Cloude Strife from “Final Fantasy VII” Is this Poison Ivy? Does it really matter if I’m wrong?
“Security!” Ande Parks and Phil Hester
Great Batgirl costume and Dorko. Batman with glasses. Dude, contact lenses make a costume.
Brian Wood OK, in this case contact lenses just creep the crap outta me.
Didn’t we already publish a pic of this chick? “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Mike Meyers!”
See, I know she’s some character, but here in Los Angeles this is a regular sighting on Melrose Blvd. More Super Friends.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Heath Ledger!” I dunno, but I kinda like.
I’m a bit surprised by the “Shaun of the Dead” costumes. I’m please, though, don’t get me wrong. What a movie that was. Toga Monster Opera Dude?
Spidey & Master Chief from “Halo.” Why is Hulk pushing out his chest like this?
I really hope the Transformers look better than this in the new movie. “Mommy, please don’t make me take a picture with the lame Star Wars dude.”
Lock & Load. “Can I touch your stripes? Please? Come on!”
Lame, Dumb, Stupid and I Hate You.

Late Monday we’ll be back with our final batch of photos from Wizard World Chicago.

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