WWC: CBR Photo Parade - Saturday

Ok, really in a rush to finish up tonight, so no long preamble from me. Just gotta say I'm real happy with what CBR's photographers captured at the convention this weekend. They seem to be everywhere capturing every costumed freak and comic creator at the show. Nicely done, guys! One quick note before we move on to the photos -- I've decided that I'm out of jokes for those wearing Star Wars attire, so I'm just going to be mean to 'em. That's right, I'm gonna be mean. Not mean enough to make anyone cry, but I'm just out of jokes for 'em and this is what happens when I'm out of the jokes.

So, here we go, a look at some of the action at Wizard World Chicago this Saturday. First up, an assortment of photos from Michael Beneke.

Next up we've got Doug Zawisa.

And finally, Jason Smith -- the photo taking machine! He must have sent me over 100 shots from Saturday. Dude, you're everywhere! Everywhere!

Late Monday we'll be back with our final batch of photos from Wizard World Chicago.

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