WWC: CBR Photo Parade - Friday

After Comic-Con International in San Diego, Wizard World Chicago feels like a cake-walk in comparison. While it may not be as big, there's still plenty of eye candy and con craziness to enjoy. Here's a large group of photos taken Friday at Wizard World Chicago, with plenty more photos to come throughout the weekend.

Photos by Jason Smith
Joke & Batman - BFF!White Queen & Storm - BFF!
Ahh the Zenescope booth always has a lovely lady greeting con goers. Hello."Check out my bitchen sword! I am teh AweSome!"
Pirate looking for some booty, I'm guessing.A slightly more round Obi Wan.
Ahh, Slave Girl Leia. Usually one of my favorites, but not for the reasons you're thinking. OK, exactly for those reasons.Ladies.
Spidey carries a compact.I wonder if those bracelets truly deflect bullets.
Jason apparently tracked Mark Millar down in a dimly lit hallway.Paul Jenkins plays pool at the Hero Initiative booth.
Joe Quesada looks on as Jenkins plays pool -- blindfolded?The Hero Initiative's Jim McLauchlin helps Marvel EiC Joe Quesada figure out how to beat Jenkins, with or without blindfold.
"Check out my gun!"Lovely.
Here's our intrepid WWC photographer Jason, who apparently thought she was lovely as well.No clue.
Jo-Chic-ker.GO COBRA!
The Green Lantern Corps grows.Shazam and I believe the first Captain Boomerang I've ever seen at a convention.
"Do you think Batman will be pissed I"m taking my picture with you?" "Screw Batman, I'm freaking Superman!"I love Pirates. Well, the female variety.
Phil HesterI'm guessing Matt & Foggy
Blood has been spilled at WWC.Lovely, lovely, lovely, go away.
OK, remember that Live Action Role Playing game we spoke about in our preview night photo parade from WWC? Well, here it is in action in one of the most disturbing set of photos from WWC 2007 yet.
I guess the fun is over.Richard Hatch
Peering over the shoulder of a fan we see Mr. Jamal Igle.Can we be friends? Please? I'll buy you a coke!
He looks so sad.Oh, the corset -- one of man's greatest achievements.
GO COBRA! Wait, didn't I use that already?Wow, excellent Batwoman costume. Just wow.
Old Ben.I don't know, but it's kinda funny.
John Cassaday signs at the Marvel booth.Plenty of lovely ladies at WWC 2007, that's for certain.
This is not a lovely lady, but he is Immortal and has Iron Fists.A dentist visit is seriously in need, dude.
Doesn't it look like Iceman just snuck into the picture last minute.Rorschach. I get the feeling with the new "Watchmen" movie coming that Rorschach may become the new Storm Trooper. Easy costume to create + high popularity = too many people dressing up as the same dude.
Lil' Hulk Smash Bottled Water!Nice Hourman costume.
Eat Stick!DC's Dan DiDio
And now some shots from the Wizard Fan Awards. Here's Dan DiDio.Mr. Mark Millar holds up a trophy.
Joe Quesada"I'm Galactus. Blah blah blah ..."
"... blah blah more blah ..." Fan in the crowd, "Get off the stage, ya world eating doof!"J. Scott Campbell
Jim Starlin
Photos by Seth Jones
Just part of the DC BoothJill Thompson signs at the DC Booth.
Dark Horse is there ......as is Aspen, with Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald pictured.
The Top Shelf booth, with Chris Staros quickly ducking before we got his picture.Oh, you're a lot of fun.
Slave Girl Leia, side-view.Shiney Spidey!
Ladies.Joe Quesada signs at the Marvel booth.
No idea.Didn't I say earlier that Zenescope always has lovely ladies greeting folks at their booth? All hail Zenescope!
Don't know. Don't care.Suspicious Bat-Man.
Bored Punisher

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