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WWC: CBR Photo Parade – Friday

by  in Comic News Comment
WWC: CBR Photo Parade – Friday

The first day of Wizard World Chicago 2006 has come and gone and never before have I been this well rested during a convention. Of course that’s because I’m at home in Los Angeles sipping a martini and snacking on caviar and crackers (in reality, a large glass of Crystal Light iced tea and ginger cookies). While I’m at home, the CBR crew in Chicago is covering panels and chasing down people at the con to take photos and what not and boy do we have a bunch of photos for you today. Chicago traditionally doesn’t come close to San Diego in terms of the overall number of costumed folks, but CBR’s intrepid photographers did a good job hunting them down on Friday.

First up, CBR Staff Writer Dave Richards sent over a handful of beauties.

Why are you guys pointing? Why? What? What’s going on? Allright, I’ll admit it for the first time in my life — Pikachu scares the crap out of me. There, I said it. Let’s move on.
I think I said Pirates are the new Storm Troopers back during San Diego and you know what? I’m starting to hate Pirates as much as I hate Storm Troopers. Lou Ferigno!
We have absolutely no idea, nor do we want to know. Bunny dude in jeans. Weird. Point that thing elsewhere, dude.
“Talent” artist Paul Azaceta Tony Moore
OK, now maybe I’m having a little regret about not going to Chicago. I wonder if there are any early morning flights out of LAX available? Hrmmm … “Honey, I’m home!” “And what did you do today, my dear?” “Oh, you know, went to a comic convention, wore a blue hankey on my head.” “That’s sweet dear.”
Seriously, dude, one word: clearasil. The two sides of George Lucas.

Next up, CBR Forums regular Michael Beneke sent us a nice batch of convention goodness.

“Mouse Guard’s” David Peterson John Jackson Miller
Lil’ Cyclops Michael tells me he thinks this is Samurai Champoo. I think it’s a guy wearing a robe and a weird ass hat to a comic convention.
“Wait, are you trying to tell me Princess Leia is Supergirl’s Mom? No way, dude! No Freakin’ Way!” Lil’ Wonder Woman doing a lil’ karaoke.
World’s Finest Cuties

Finally, first time contributor Jason Smith wowed us with a wide selection of goodness.

Bob Schreck & Paul Storrie Not too shabby, but not quite there. Sorry, man.
My second and third regret for not going to Chicago. Write me! Dude, it’s not cool to cut off your friends head at a comic convention. Not cool.
Marvel’s Badass Ladies Very sweet.
Uhmmm, I don’t know, but it’s annoying me. Iron Man looks like he could use a little iron in his diet! ZING! Thank you! Good night!
“By the power of my elbow…” A very weird mix of characters.
Fourth regret. I’m guessing by the orange shirt it Community Service Tomb Raider. Fifth regret. Is it wrong that I’m really attracted to blue chicks? Like, the other night I’m having this dream and this blue chick walks into the room and … wait, you don’t want to hear about this.
Bruthas. Grrrrr. Ahhhhh.
I dunno. Purple Chick Girl Lady? I guess it’s gotta be something G.I. Joe related.
Seriously, enough with the pointing of the guns at my photographers! Didn’t we already get this guy?
Joe Quesada shares some love. Spidey has looked better.
OK, Jason, this chick isn’t wearing a costume. Clearly you just wanted to chat her up and I don’t blame you one bit. Marc Silvestri
Mark Morales Mike Norton
The original Lois Lane, Noel Neill. Paul Jenkins sporting an angry face!
Peter David chats with a fan. Ray Park
And we finish with a rather badass looking Thomas Jane.

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