WWC: CBR Photo Parade - Friday

The first day of Wizard World Chicago 2006 has come and gone and never before have I been this well rested during a convention. Of course that's because I'm at home in Los Angeles sipping a martini and snacking on caviar and crackers (in reality, a large glass of Crystal Light iced tea and ginger cookies). While I'm at home, the CBR crew in Chicago is covering panels and chasing down people at the con to take photos and what not and boy do we have a bunch of photos for you today. Chicago traditionally doesn't come close to San Diego in terms of the overall number of costumed folks, but CBR's intrepid photographers did a good job hunting them down on Friday.

First up, CBR Staff Writer Dave Richards sent over a handful of beauties.

Next up, CBR Forums regular Michael Beneke sent us a nice batch of convention goodness.

Finally, first time contributor Jason Smith wowed us with a wide selection of goodness.

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