WWC 2005, Day 0 - Photo Parade

It's Thursday night, almost midnight, as I write this in the Chicago Hyatt O'Hare. Wizard World Chicago's preview night ended around 8:00 PM tonight and, as usual, CBR was there with camera in hand to catch all the action.

Although, there really wasn't all that much action. It was a good chance to get the lay of the floor, but overall it was a fairly light night on the convention floor. Whereas Comic-Con International in San Diego has been doing preview nights for a couple of years now, you should keep in mind that this is Wizard World Chicago's first ever preview night, so the light traffic on the floor should be expected. I remember the first preview night at Comic-Con International and it, too, was pretty quiet. Skip forward a couple of years and it's absolutely jam packed, and the same is likely to happen in Chicago as well.

OK, you're not here to read my ramblings, you just want to see the pretty pictures and what not. Fine. I know when I'm not wanted! Here's the Wizard World Chicago, Day 0 Photo Parade.

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