WW Philly: Secret Invasion Panel

Day 2 of CBR's live coverage at Wizard World Philadelphia begins with Marvel's writers and editors discussing "Secret Invasion" Saturday afternoon. Attending the panel are CB Cebulski, Tom Brevoort, Arune Singh, Joe Quesada, Brian Reed, Dan Slott, Fred van Lente, and Greg Pak..

Quesada began by saying that, contrary to some reports, "Secret Invasion" #3 will not ship late. It is in stores next week. He then showed a slide of "Secret Invasion #6.

September's "Iron Man Director of SHIELD" #33 will feature the return of War Machine, or at least a character who looks a lot like him.

Doug Braithwaite is Marvel's newest exclusive creator.

Where are the Kree in all this? "The Kree are in 'Annihilation: Conquest," Brevoort said, adding that they would also feature in "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"Secret Invasion: Inhumans" will address the Inhumans' reactions to the Skrulls, and is written by Joe Pokaski.

"Mighty Avengers" #17 would help explain when Elektra was replaced by a Skrull, Brevoort said.

The timelines for heroes being replaced "runs the gamut" Brevoort said, "from last week to several years." Reed added that some Skrulls did not entirely replace the heroes, but were only infiltrating to sow confusion.

Nick Fury is going to be "all over" "Secret Invasion," Brevoort said. "He's coming back in a big way."

"One of the things we're going to show in 'Avengers Initiative,' you're going to see two different kinds of Skrulls -- classic and new," Slott said, addressing why Skrulls can now have powers. Reed added that Super-Skrull "was the Model T. Now we're dealing with Lambourghinis."

"Probably if there are any Dark Phoenix revelations to be had," Brevoort said, "'Secret Invasion: X-Men' would probably be the place to look."

Will Bruce Banner/Red Hulk play a role? "I don't think the Red Hulk is involved in 'Secret Invasion' -- the green Hulk maybe," Brevoort said. And will we find out who Red Hulk is? "As soon as Jeph [Loeb] figures it out."

"We gave you a whole Skrull ship full of people" that may be "the real deal," Brevoort said, in response to a question about who other than Mockingbird may be returning from death or limbo.

Rehabilitating Jessica Drew after SI? "Aah," Quesada said knowingly. Brevoort said, "It depends on what state Jessica Drew is in at the end of 'Secret Invasion.'"

The next question drew laughs when a fan asked if the Skrull Spider-Man from the ship knew he was Peter Parker. Of course, everyone forgot Spidey's secret ID after "One More Day." "He probably looked in the mirror under the mask," Brevoort said. "He looked and said, 'Who the hell am I?'" Quesada quipped.

Sleeper agent Skrrulls are not aware that they're Skrulls, Brevoort said. "That's part of why they were so successful in fitting in."

"Runaways" will be affected by "Secret Invasion," particularly since Xavin was a Super-Skrull in training. This will show up in "Secret Invasion: Young Avengers/Runaways, a three issue series by Chris Yost and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Brevoort would not confirm that the Hawkeye who died in "Avengers Dissassembled" was a Skrull, because this might suggest things about the Clint Barton now appearing as Ronin. "Anything is possible," he said.

"The interesting thing about 'Secret Invasion,'" Quesada said, "is that we didn't know Brian [Michael Bendis] was doing it." He said that Bendis's pitch was that the story had already been seeded and was in progress. "That was the real 'Secret Invasion.'"

Pak talked a bit about "Sacred Invasion," the "Incredible Hercules" SI tie-in, in which the God Squad will be going after Skrull Gods. "There is a betrayer on the team, and there will be a betrayal," Pak said. The next arc will be called "Holy War," illustrated by Clayton Henry.

"Secret Invasion: Spider-Man" is "three issues about the entire cast of 'Brand New Day,' and what happens on the day of the Skrull invasion," Reed said.

"Spidey's going to be in the Avengers for the foreseeable future," Brevoort said.

Is the "Messiah Complex" baby a Skrull? "That would be a kick in the head, wouldn't it?" Brevoort added. The fan offered a potential storyline of what the scenario would look like.

Will villains become involved, on the side of humans or Skrulls? Brevoort said they will be getting involved, especially "characters who straddle the line, like Deadpool."

"Thunderbolts are definitely going to make an impact," Brevoort offered, "both in their own series and in the 'Secret Invasion' tie-in book." "Where they end up after the series will be kind of surprising, as well."

Skrulls infiltrate the Secret Invasion panel at Wizard World Philly.

Singh said that fans of Bullseye should show up for this afternoon's Cup o'Joe panel.

"There are definitely big plans for the Hood going into next year," Brevoort said, but the plans do not involve his own series at this time.

Will non-Skrulls die because others thought they were imposters? "It would be a pretty good time for somebody who didn't like the way Norman [Osborne] was running the Thunderbolts to shoot him in the back of the head and say, whoops, thought he was a Skrull," Brevoort said.

Van Lente hinted that there may be some Skrull Eternals showing up in "Incredible Hercules."

"There will be some green-eyed related revelations," Pak said, asked about Athena's recent uncharacteristic green eyes. "She's always referred to as Grey-eyed Athena in myth, but maybe a goddess just wants a change."

More "Nextwave?" "When that creative team wants to get together again, we'll absolutely publish more 'Nextwave,'" Quesada said. He repeated that Warren Ellis did not want to do the series without Stuart Immonen, who is now busy with other projects including "Amazing Spider-Man."

Will we see a Secret Invasion Howard the Duck mini? "What do think the end of issue 3 is?" Reed joked.

There were many knowing glances and cautious words when asked if the Black Bolt who holds an Infinity Gem was a Skrull. "The answer to that may affect the story's end, or not," Brevoort offered.

There are no plans for a second Hulk series, but Pak took the opportunity to plug June's "Skaar Son of Hulk," which Quesada clarified is ongoing. "It's the buzz book in our office right now," the EIC said.

Both Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy will tie in to "Secret Invasion," Brevoort revealed.

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