WW Chicago: Wildstorm: World's End

Perhaps more than any other publisher, Wildstorm Comics is at home at the end of the world. This summer, the publisher's core universe faces a cataclysmic event, which throws their heroes from "Gen 13," "Stormwatch PHD," "Authority" and "Wildcats" into a new status quo, complete with new challenges and new dangers.

Wildstorm editor Shannon Denton, DC Comics' VP of sales Bob Wayne and creators B. Clay Moore, Jon Buran and Jeremy Haun led a light-hearted Q&A session, which contrasted with their grim vision of the future.

"World's End won't destroy Wildstorm - it's still there, just in a new direction," said Denton.

The panel also gave fans a preview of each of Wildstorm's upcoming titles, including books outside of Wildstorm continuity such as NBC's "Chuck," drawn by Haun, and the "World of Warcraft," title drawn by Buran.

"We want the book to be so good, you want to read it regardless of if you've seen the show," said Denton on "Chuck."

Buran elaborated on the challenges of illustrating a comic based on a game as detailed and sprawling as WOW - especially when the allure of playing the game itself interferes with work.

"This game is incredible...and so addictive," said Buran, who noted he'd taken, "four hour lunch breaks," playing online.

Time was also given to "Casey Blue," Moore's six-issue miniseries, which tells the story of a teenage girl racing to uncover her role in a government conspiracy after unwittingly murdering her brother.

Moore noted that while the mini is self-contained, he'd like to continue the story if given the opportunity.

The speedy overview of Wildstorm comics gave fans plenty of time for a question and answer session, which gave the panel a chance to clear up any confusion about the Wildstorm universe.

Will fans ever see a Grant Morrison / Jim Lee team up on Wildcats?

"Think of it as 'All Star Wildcats,'" said Denton, who assured fans the book would eventually happen.

Are there any plans for "Chuck" spin-offs?

"Not yet..." said Denton.

Are there any plans to permanently swap DC and Wildstorm characters?

"That'd be cool," said Denton, who added, "I'd dig it."

As the panel wrapped up, fans invited the pros to speculate on the ultimate creative choice in comics.

"If you could get your hands on any character from any company, what would you do and why?" a fan asked.

"Superman. And I'd give him a mustache," said Denton.

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