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WW Chicago Photo Parade – Part 1

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WW Chicago Photo Parade – Part 1

Last weekend, CBR News was in attendance at Wizard World Chicago, bringing you all the news that broke at the convention and then some. Now it’s time to go through the enormous numbers of photos CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb took during the show and present them to you, the faithful CBR visitor. This first set of photos shown below were taken on Friday during the convention and, as usual, the snark comes from Jonah Weiland, so send the angry letters to him!

Look for photos from Saturday and Sunday at Wizard World Chicago on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Psyclocke poses as Marvel’s Tom Brevoort and David Bogart walk behind. Anna Mercury gives the goods to Avatar publisher William Christensen.
Uhhh, not sure I want to know. Ditto.
“Baby, you got some floppy ass ears.” I’m told it’s Link from “The Legend of Zelda” and Ike from the “Fire Emblem” video gane. Having that knowledge has not helped me in life at all.
Pimp Daddy/Sombrero Wearing/Zorro Looking/Venom Deal
That Hitman guy from the movies and video gane. Not to be confused with the superior character from the Garth Ennis comics.
Just some kids destorying their minds with video games. Hal Jordan’s got skills with the ladies — even at sub-13 year old levels.
I predict the Heath Ledger Joker will be the most popular costume at Comic-Con in San Diego this year. The Harveys.
Salute this, buddy. Gotta love the “Mouse Guard.”
“Mouse Guard’s” David Petersen (right) and friend. Merc with a mouth.
Some of the Image Founders sign at WW Chicago. Jim Valentino smiles pretty.
Whilce Portacio smiles pretty. Erik Larsen smiles pretty.
Rob Liefeld smiles pretty (show us some teeth, Rob!) Marc Silvestri smiles pretty.
The gang was all there for the DC Nation panel. Indiana Jones takes a break from spelunking at WWC to read some comics.
Couple of shots of the show floor.
Pretty sweet baloon animal Hulk. “Hulk Pop!” Stromtrooper vs. little girl – Stormtrooper wins.
Jedi lameness. Nice try.
Mike Wolfer. Avatar’s William Christensen and CBLDF’s Charles Brownstein talk with writer Max Brooks (back).
The line for Oreskaband (a J-Pop band) and a group shot.
The cocktail reception for the Warren Ellis talk Friday night. Jill Thompson and
“Yeah, we’re drunk!” Check out the line for the bar. Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley and friends.
CBR’s Seth Jones and Caleb Goellner No idea, but since the dude’s wearing a Freakangels shirt he’s obviously appropriately attired for the event.
“I’m drunk right now!” Mike Wolfer hawks the wares at the Warren Ellis talk.
William Christensen introduces Warren Ellis to the crowd. Mike Wolfer takes a bow.
The panel. Avatar’s David Marks guards the swag.
The questions. Mike Wolfer loooks on with Jacen Burrows in the background.
Warren at the dais.
Sustenance. Drinking sustenance.
Tommy Castillo and Christian Beranek

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