The X-Men are moving to San Francisco. For some members, this means a fresh start in an exciting new city, but for Wolverine, the move means that just like the cult classic John Carpenter film, he'll be in "Big Trouble in Little China." Logan's Chinatown adventures kick off this October when Marvel Comics' four issue "Wolverine: Manifest Destiny" mini-series by writer Jason Aaron and artist Stephen Segovia begins. CBR News spoke with Aaron about the series.

Wolverine's long sordid history means he's been around the world and seen and done some shady things. In "Manifest Destiny" his past dealings in San Francisco's Chinatown district finally catch up with him. "Seems Logan has quite the history there and was never supposed to return, all because of some bad blood from 50 years ago," Aaron told CBR News. "Logan did something that got him banished from Chinatown forever, told never to return under penalty of death. But now he's back and moments after setting foot there, he finds himself being pursued by every Kung Fu fighter from every dojo in town. And then there's the small matter of his ex-girlfriend, who now runs the local Triad, and has a group of mystical warriors at her disposal, including a guy named Soulstriker, who literally punches his opponents in the soul, and The Fist of Fire, who's like the Human Torch, but you know, with Kung Fu."

The supporting cast of "Manifest Destiny" includes a number of eccentric and eclectic characters. "There's a Newsboy Legion-like group of Chinese orphans, Logan's old sensei, a grizzled San Francisco cop trying to bring down the Triad, one of the Sons of the Tiger and more martial artists than you can shake a sai at," Aaron explained.

The "X-Men: Manifest Destiny" mini-series is concerned with many of the consequences, good and bad, of moving to San Francisco, but "Wolverine: Manifest Destiny" is all about Logan's bad blood with Chinatown. "We don't really delve into what's going on in X-Men," Aaron stated. "Though you may see at least one other X-Man pop up at some point."

Artist Stephen Segovia's first Marvel work, "Wolverine: Origins" #26, is in stores now and Aaron was very impressed by his collaborator's Marvel debut. "I wasn't familiar with Stephen's work before 'Wolverine: Origins,' but it's very dynamic and should make for an exciting story," Aaron remarked.

The tone of "Wolverine: Manifest Destiny" is meant to evoke some of Aaron's favorite films. "It's basically like my love letter to Hong Kong cinema," the writer said. "From the Shaw Brothers flicks of the 60s and 70s to the 'heroic bloodshed' films of John Woo."

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