Wu, Pulido and More to Join Marvel's "Scarlet Witch" Series

Wanda Maximoff is about to become the star of her own series when "Scarlet Witch" debuts this December. What's unique about this comic, besides the fact that this is Wanda's first solo ongoing series, is that a different artist will illustrate each issue -- and Marvel has revealed more of the names set to join series writer James Robinson on the book.

It had already been announced that Vanessa Del Rey would illustrate issue #1 and Marco Rudy #2, and an interview with io9 named "Preacher" co-creator Steve Dillon as the artist of February's issue #3. Additionally, acclaimed artists Annie Wu, Javier Pulido, Joelle Jones, Tula Lotay, Marguerite Sauvage and Chris Visions will each take an issue -- though which one each is working on has not yet been revealed -- illustrating different elements of Wanda's life.

Series editor Emily Shaw talked to io9 about the lead character's redesign for the series, from noted cover artist Kevin Wada, saying it highlights the character's "darkly romantic" and "almost gothic" side. "I think what Kevin did totally speaks to that and makes her look very different from any other female character," Shaw said. "So designing her look was very much a part of re-casting her as her own unique, full person in the way James was just talking about.

On the tone and feel of the series, Robinson told io9 that Wanda has,"always been somebody that hasn't allowed herself to shine enough, and as you'll see she's realizing that she needs to step away from the Avengers -- having that Avengers card isn't the most important thing. She's an independent person in her own right: she can get the job done by herself. She doesn't need her brother [Pietro, a.k.a. Quicksilver] to protect her, she doesn't need Iron Man's repulsor rays to take care of things."

"Scarlet Witch" #1 is scheduled for release on Dec. 9, 2015.

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