WTF is up with the Red Hood?

Another of DC's "WTF Certified" covers has surfaced on the Internet, this time for "Red Hood And The Outlaws" #19.

The art initially popped up on artist Mico Suayan's listing of original art sales, but has since been removed. Luckily Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool snagged it before it was pulled down.

As Rich notes, the image could contain potential spoilers for not only that issue, but also for "Death in the Family." Below is the color cover already released by DC, and by clicking on it you can see the full cover:

Johnston has also posted the post-WTF month cover for "Red Hood and the Outlaws" #20 over on Bleeding Cool.

DC Comics' "WTF Certified" covers, which will appear on their April comics and show "shocking moments" in the lives of their heroes, were announced last month.

"It is part of, as we explained earlier, the theme of game-changing, upping the stakes for our heroes," DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras told CBR. "This was a way to accentuate that threat or shocking moments in our heroes' lives. What we're doing with the covers is thematically linked to that. They will be page-fold covers; the covers will tell you a story. There will be an image that will crack the page fold, and as you open up the cover, you'll say, 'Oh, wow!'"

Covers for "Detective" and "Stormwatch" have already surfaced, and no doubt more will pop up before then.

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