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Official Press Release

June 1, 2004 - With the multitude of artist studios, where can astruggling comic book writer go for advice and story research?Occasionally, writers can get information on the craft of writing atcreator message boards, or they could scour the internet for articles,story research, resources, and script samples. Things are changing now,thanks to SCRYPTIC STUDIOS (http://www.scrypticstudios.com).

Created by writer, Ryan Scott Ottney, SCRYPTIC STUDIOS is an onlinewriter's studio and resource center featuring five members: JefferyStevenson, Jim Keplinger, Dan Taylor, Kevin Melrose, and, of course,Ryan himself. All five members are published writers with professionalattitudes hailing from various backgrounds and formal training, fromscreenwriting to journalism; but one industry they all love and shareenthusiasm for is comic books.

The goal of these five writers and the SCRYPTIC STUDIOS website is toprovide others with a simple online resource geared toward theadvancement of their craft. It's a place where writers can find theinformation they need to help take their stories to the next level aswell as openly discuss ideas and techniques.

"There are hundreds of creator message boards, where everyone is invitedto post and share their work," said Ottney. "When given the choice toread through a story or look at artwork, artwork usually wins. Thewriter's work seems to go unnoticed when compared to artists, and Ithought it was time a writer stood up to do something about it.

"In realizing this, I wanted to create a place where writers can standin the spotlight, rather than the shadows. The whole point of SCRYPTICSTUDIOS is to offer writers a sanctuary where our work can be seen."

While focusing mostly on comic book writing, all forms and types ofwriters are welcome. Aspiring writers, small press writers, mainstreamwriters, prose writers, screenwriters, and even artists that write theirown stories. Scryptic wants to provide anyone that crafts a tale theknowledge, tools, and motivation to develop the strongest story theycan, build their audience, and learn how to market their stories andskills.

"Every writer has an impact on the industry," said Stevenson. "Goodstories can draw in more readers and keep them reading. It doesn'tmatter whether you write and draw your own book, self-publish andself-distribute, or work on the mainstream side of things ... if someonegets introduced to comics through your book, you become an ambassador tothe industry. You can invite them in for a seven-course meal with allthe trimmings or offer them Vienna sausages on a silver platter.

"We want to give you the means to build the best story you can and keepthose readers happy. That's one of the goals of Scryptic Studios."

Along with sharing such resources as articles & columns, storyreferences categorized by topic, and recommended reading material tohelp make your story shine, SCRYPTIC STUDIOS also offers an activemessage board where you can share experiences and be a part of a comicwriting community.

One of the more popular and valuable features is the sample scriptdatabase that includes actual scripts from comics, film, radio, andtelevision. Already SCRYPTIC STUDIOS has had generous script donationsby such popular comic book writers as Mark Waid, Paul Jenkins, StevenNiles, Gail Simone, Brian Augustyn, Marv Wolfman, Larry Young, and manymore.

Unveiling on June 1, 2004, SCRYPTIC STUDIOS invites writers from allover to take advantage of their ever-growing resources, and join thewriter's community message board to exchange ideas, techniques,assistance, and camaraderie.

"People are always asking what we think we can teach other writers, andwe just tell them, 'we are not teachers,'" said Ottney. "We simplyprovide and moderate a website where writers can come together and learnfrom each other, not only us. We expect, and hope, to learn just as muchas anyone else on the boards."

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