Writer's Commentary: "Highlander" #6 with Brandon Jerwa

Writer Brandon Jerwa joins us to give readers a real treat -- a DVD-style Writer's Commentary on the latest issue of his exciting immortal series, Highlander!

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By Brandan Jerwa

Here we are – the beginning of Highlander's second story arc and the debut of a new artist.

I suppose I should start by saying that I am a huge fan of Lee Moder (both as a person and an artist) and I hope to work with him again very soon. Following Lee's necessary departure from Highlander to focus on Painkiller Jane, Kevin Sharpe stepped in to do issue #5 and produced some great work. Artistically, the book has been in perfectly capable hands thus far.

That brings us to Fabio Laguna, who takes his first swing at the book in this issue.   To say I was dazzled by the pages when I saw them is an understatement – I think the art (and coloring) is breathtaking in this issue. It just brings you in and makes you feel like a spectator to something that's really happening. I hope that the new art direction will cause non-Highlander readers to take a second look.

This issue is something you can pick up and understand without having read the book thus far, but it also really cements itself as the next act of a bigger story that we've been telling since issue #0.

I love this page. When you write full script (as I do), I guess you can take a small amount of credit for the direction of a sequence, but without the artist's contribution you have nothing more than an idea. Fabio did a great job of conveying sequential motion here and I was really happy to see that it paid off even better than it did in my head.

Key moment here – the brief flash of clarity on Connor's face just before he moves ahead with this fight he's started. Again, full props for the art; you can really see the hesitation on our hero's face, that sort of "do I really want to do this" pause that speaks to his confused frame of mind. His opponent Catherine also strikes that balance between drop-dead sexy and totally lethal, which is something I just can't get enough of.

Okay, enough with the tour of my favorite quiet scenes – let's see some ass-kicking! There's a nice fight sequence here, showing some physicality beyond the trademark sword combat.

Here we see a Quickening from both the mortal and immortal perspectives. The first arc held off the head-chopping until the final act, which made some fans cry neglect, but we're starting off with a bang in this arc. Maybe more than one, in fact!

When the going gets tough, the tough go drinking. As Connor and Duncan enter "The George and Dragon," (named in loving tribute to a proper English pub here in Seattle) we see a female ninja observing from the rooftops. If you've followed my career, seeing a ninja shouldn't come as a surprise at all; given the motif of swordplay and honor codes, it seemed like a natural fit. It's certainly a portent of things to come.

Thanks for allowing me to share this little glimpse into Highlander #6. I'm very happy with the way this entire arc has turned out – I hope you'll pick up a copy and join me for the ride!

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