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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: J.T. Krul

Soulfire vol. 3
Preview: Soulfire vol. 3
3 Comic Previews
The magic has returned! But, this time…the light has grown dark. Desperate times have fallen on our heroes Malikai, Grace, and friends. The once-strong bond between them, which forged the …
Green Arrow #9
Review: Green Arrow #9
3 Comic Reviews
"Phantom Stranger. And you just saw what he does best - swoop in with some vague mumbo jumbo then disappear to let us all ponder its meaning. As if we didn't have better things to do with our time."
Green Arrow #8
Review: Green Arrow #8
3 Comic Reviews
"Protect the forest? It grew up out of nothing. It's an electronic dead zone - no instruments or scanning or even satellite imagery is working. And it's growing. If you ask me, it's not the forest that needs protecting."
Wonder Girl
Preview: Wonder Girl
3 Comic Previews
Spinning out of the pages of TEEN TITANS comes this spotlight on Cassie Sandsmark, the wonderful Wonder Girl! Even though not every moment of Wonder Girl’s life is spent being …
Green Arrow #7
Preview: Green Arrow #7
3 Comic Previews
BRIGHTEST DAY branches out as another mystery rises from the White Lantern forest. Who is the Lady of the Forest – and what significance does she have in the life …
Soulfire, Vol. 2 #9
Preview: Soulfire, Vol. 2 #9
3 Comic Previews
Magic is no longer a myth…   The second volume of SOULFIRE comes to its explosive conclusion as Rainier’s monstrous creations collide head on with the unlimited power surging from …
Mindfield #3
Preview: Mindfield #3
3 Comic Previews
The war on terror has just begun! The CIA has created an elite team of telepathic agents dedicated to fighting domestic terrorism. But as Connor and the rest of his …
Superman/Batman #75
Preview: Superman/Batman #75
3 Comic Previews
You’re invited to a spectacular anniversary celebration as Paul Levitz unites the World’s Finest with the super-team he’s best known for – the Legion of Super-Heroes! Lex Luthor has finally …
Green Arrow #2
Review: Green Arrow #2
3 Comic Reviews
As if flying the "Brightest Day" banner wasn't enough of a highlight, the gorgeous (but cluttered) cover to this issue features Hal Jordan and exclaims, "Guest-starring Green Lantern."
Green Arrow #1
Preview: Green Arrow #1
3 Comic Previews
BRIGHTEST DAY shines its light on Star City in this oversized first issue from up-and-coming writer J.T. Krul (BLACKEST NIGHT: TITANS, GREEN ARROW #30) and future superstar artist Diogenes Neves …
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