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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: D.J. Kirkbride

Biggest Bang #2
Preview: Biggest Bang #2
3 Comic Previews
THE BIGGEST BANG rages on as Cosmos is tries to dissuade the misguided Cosmic Church of the Half-God from worshipping him! There is definitely more going on than meets Janishire …
Amelia Cole #30
Preview: Amelia Cole #30
3 Comic Previews
It’s the FINAL ISSUE of AMELIA COLE! Amelia returns from a mysterious sabbatical, eager to face the future. Join us we say good-bye to the characters and the worlds of …
Amelia Cole #29
Preview: Amelia Cole #29
3 Comic Previews
It’s the penultimate issue of AMELIA COLE! Anything we say would undersell it and be a spoiler, but remember: there are no reboots. Everything counts, and no punches are pulled …
The Biggest Bang #1
Preview: The Biggest Bang #1
3 Comic Previews
Born in the cataclysmic cosmic catastrophe known as “The Bigger Bang,” Cosmos traversed the barren egg-lands in-between universes, discovered the wisdom of space whales, defeated intergalactic evil, and found love! Now a …
Dark Horse Presents #20
Preview: Dark Horse Presents #20
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS This issue features continuations of all of your favorite DHP stories! Included are Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton’s Brooklyn Blood; Rich Woodall and Craig Rousseau’s Kyrra: Alien Jungle …
Amelia Cole #24
Preview: Amelia Cole #24
3 Comic Previews
Lemmy and Omega Company look for traces of Amelia’s magic in the Blended World while Hector gets a huge surprise in the Non-Magic one– and not all surprises are fun, …
Amelia Cole #21
Preview: Amelia Cole #21
3 Comic Previews
THREE worlds… ONE issue! Amelia does her proactive problem solving / world(s)saving thing in the magic world, and Hector applies for a job in the non-magic world. Meanwhile, Lemmy and …
The Bigger Bang #2
Preview: The Bigger Bang #2
3 Comic Previews
Is the most powerful being alive ready for… friendship? Cosmos’s adventures in the multi-verse continue as Extermination Bots are battled! The monsterous King Thulu is bossy! Trust is questioned! And …
Amelia Cole #18
Preview: Amelia Cole #18
3 Comic Previews
The Council has joined the party. Can Amelia and the Omega Company defeat them, save the city, and live happily ever after? The shocking conclusion to THE ENEMY UNLEASHED is …
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