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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Bill Willingham

3 CBR Exclusives
AfterShock Comics continues to push boundaries with Shock, its very first anthology collection featuring a slew of today’s top writers and artists!
Fables TPB, vol. #22
Preview: Fables TPB, vol. #22
3 Comic Previews
It’s the final trade paperback volume of FABLES! No, wait – it’s FABLES #150, the grand finale of the best-selling, award-winning comic book series! And it’s also an original graphic …
Guardians Team-Up #6
Preview: Guardians Team-Up #6
3 Comic Previews
Nightcrawler journeys to a far off world to represent Earth in their celebrated interplanetary blade-fighting competition. His hopes to acquit himself well are abruptly stalled when it turns out he’s …
Fables #149
Preview: Fables #149
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS The end of the Fables world looms as an epic battle brews between two sisters. Will Rose Red follow fairytale tradition and betray Snow once more? And what …
Fables #148
Preview: Fables #148
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS At long last Rose Red learns the truth about her mother, her sister and herself. This is why they’re so magical. This is why all of that wild …
Fairest #33
Review: Fairest #33
3 Comic Reviews
"Fairest" #33 is a lead-in to 2013's "Fairest of Them All" graphic novel, and Bill Willingham and Meghan Hetrick's comic loses a bit of punch in the process as we follow Goldilocks' penultimate adventure.
Fairest #33
Preview: Fairest #33
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS This final issue of FAIREST features a special stand-alone story written by Bill Willingham! Don’t miss the return of fan-favorite maniac Goldilocks, with art by Meghan Hetrick (BODIES, …
Fables #147
Preview: Fables #147
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS “Happily Ever After,” part seven! Rose Red, still at her magical old home in the woods, learns why she and Snow are so special – and why they …
Fables #146
Preview: Fables #146
3 Comic Previews
Rose Red isn’t happy. She’s pretty sure she’s going to kill her sister, who she sometimes loves, sometimes hates and sometimes both. It’s complicated. What to do, then, but go …
Fables #145
Preview: Fables #145
3 Comic Previews
A Vertigo “Defy Covers” issue! Chapter five of “Happily Ever After!” In the aftermath of Bigby’s battle with Beast, Rose Red and Snow draw their lines in the sand, but …
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