Wrestlers converge for a secret war in 'WWE Superstars'

DC Comics and Marvel are gearing up for all-out wars next summer involving various versions of their most popular heroes and villains, but the WWE is beating them to the punch.

In the current arc of Papercutz's WWE Superstars, wrestler-turned-writer Mick Foley is heading up a clash of the champions with modern-day superstars going up against their predecessors in the primes. Hulk Hogan versus John Cena, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin versus Daniel Bryan, the Big Show versus Vader, and the Legion of Doom versus, well ...  everyone.

While this sort of match-up is an easy occurrence with comic characters, seeing these real-life figures fictionalized further is an interesting sight. Marvel and various video game companies have made major bucks with similar stunts, but to see it play out in comic books -- headed up by Foley, no less -- is an eye-opener.

Superhero comics and professional wrestling have ties that go back decades, with them sharing similar roots in the influence of sideshow and circus strongmen. And wrestling has a long history in comics, from Spider-Man's first career to various WCW and WWF/WWE licensed series. But with this current storyline in WWE Superstars, Papercutz has seemingly put together a mythical supercard of dream matches -- with some even taking place on alien planets.

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