Wrap it Up - Namor Brings Iron Fist Back to Life Through Magic and Skrulls

Here, in Namor #8, Iron Fist seemingly returns!

After a bunch of issues, it is revealed that "Danny" is really the Super Skrull!!

Misty Knight believes Danny must still be alive somehow...

And a couple of issues later, Tyrone King shows her she is correct...

Then in Namor #24, we see the whole deal revealed. It is actually pretty damn crazy. EVERYTHING was a plot by Master Khan!!

Khan was working with the plant people, but he later reveals he betrayed them...

(Eventually Namor re-discovers himself and kills Khan)

So...yeah, the last 10 issues or so of Power Man and Iron Fist starred THREE people who weren't who they said they were! Captain Hero, Tyrone King AND Iron Fist!

Well, at least Iron Fist was back now! By the way, he was still dying of the radiation poisoning (since the fake Iron Fist replaced him before #118) but he cured himself while being held in stasis by the plant people.

That's it for this installmment! Feel free to send in suggestions for later "Wrap it Up" ideas to bcronin@comicbookresources.com

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